Stronger Together

Together in formation, toward’s a singular goal.

We believe birds of a feather flock together. Truly excellent companies are built by teams that are fully in sync. They require time, focus and relentless execution. Complex policies, mundane paperwork and difficult to understand healthcare and benefits are a hindrance to execution and momentum. It’s our mission to help business leaders across the globe in eliminating administrative inefficiencies, paperwork, while engaging and delighting their employees.

Our Manifesto

Keep it simple, less is more

We appreciate both operational and emotional aspects of work. We want meaningful connections with our users. We do this by focusing on less clicks from our users so they spend less time on our site and get their work done faster. We strive to keep it simple.

Flock together, the power of collaboration

Our strength is our individuality, our backgrounds, our cultures. We learn from each other and leverage each other’s experience and expertise.

Move fast and fix things

We believe in urgency in fixing things. Nothing is flawless and everything can be improved. We strive for constant improvement and do things today, this hour, this minute.

Do good, be humble & help others

We believe no one is perfect but our flaws make us whole. We listen to feedback with humility and provide as well as welcome help. Together, we succeed.

Above all, we value our customers and work every minute to engage and delight our users.

Meet our team

We come from varied backgrounds, places, and cultures. But we fly together, in formation, towards a singular goal. To delight our customers.

Investors & Partners

We are thankful to our visionary investors and partners for supporting our mission and for being with us on our journey.