About Us

They say that birds of a feather flock together and we really believe that’s true. When you get a group of talented and creative people together around a shared mission, great things happen and problems get solved.

Our founders’ first-hand experience with the massive amounts of paperwork generated by the multiple processes and products used for onboarding and managing employees, benefits administration, and compliance led to Flock. Frustrated with spending more time on managing documents than on interacting with people, a common problem across all industries, the co-founders decided that a single, cohesive platform was the need of the hour. We created Flock to bring all the processes and tasks of HR onto one simple and easy to use platform.

Flock’s paperless, automated system simplifies the time-consuming, but very important HR administrative tasks required to onboard and continuously manage employees from hire to retire. The platform’s powerful analytics and reporting tools keep customers up to date with all State and Federal requirements thereby limiting risks and liability. And Flock makes it easy for HR and their insurance brokers, payroll service providers and other partners to work together so they can continue to be the strategic drivers and champions for their business counterparts.

Our goal is to create simplicity, convenience and compliance for our customers, and not to constrain their choices. It’s where high-touch engagement meets high-tech efficiency.

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