UnitedHealthcare and the Business Health Care Group present an intuitive solution for more streamlined, efficient and accurate HR and Benefits Administration

The Flock platform simplifies and automates the critical yet mundane HR tasks that take up so much of your time. Employee onboarding (W4’s, I9s, Documents, Offer Letters, etc.), time-off tracking, and offboarding, along with numerous other employee management processes are handled quickly, efficiently and completely paperlessly making for a better experience for you and your employees.
Be confident that you’ll always be in ACA compliance, Flock’s all-in-one HR, Benefits Administration and compliance platform makes it easy to connect your company and UnitedHealthcare and the Business Health Care Group allowing us to provide just the right benefits options to perfectly fit your needs.

Flock’s innovative HR management solution provides businesses with the critical help you need
  • Uniting data across one platform
  • Paperless hiring and offboarding
  • Remaining in compliance with ever-changing labor, health care and HR legislation Company messaging, polls, anniversaries and birthday announcements
  • Ensuring the ongoing accuracy of their employee data
  • Accurately producing enrollment information for carrier processing
  • Successful and accurate annual open enrollment processes and life events

Flock frees businesses to soar

Why is Flock important to your business?

Flock centralizes all employee activity and data into a single warehouse of “trust” that can be easily and quickly accessed, monitored, and analyzed. It limits risk and liability associated with ever-changing health care reform legislation and allows companies to make better decisions while also improving employee relations that ultimately lead to increased productivity and growth.

Who can use Flock?

Flock is available for any size company, within any industry, and at any stage of their business development cycle.

How long does it take to setup?

The HR features within Flock can be ready to go in a matter of hours, but with any comprehensive employer solution, data collection and input requires some time. Flock will be able to establish a time frame once your needs have been defined.

What does Flock cost?

Flock’s HR features are available to employers at minimal to no cost with benefits management and compliance (ACA for example) available as buy-up options, please ask your broker for more information.

Flock is the only all-in-one platform built to connect HR, Benefits and Compliance to Trusted Benefits Partner. A streamlined easy-to-use online product that you and your employees will love.

What other employers are saying

Converting our onboarding and benefits administration to Flock has reduced the burden on our support staff in HR and Finance, allowing them to better focus on the other tasks that they manage.

Ben Riggs

HR Director @ Briotix

"Flock is a great fit for my company and managing your HR—my employees love it, too. Highly recommended."

Leo Conner

CEO and Founder @ Central Valley Automotive Group

"Flock’s easy integration with our current outsourced insurance allows us to use their online technology features without disrupting the excellent customer service we get from our insurance broker today."

Rudy Hofmeister, PhD

CEO and Founder @ H2Optx Inc.

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