New Features: Hr Made Easy

Employees are your most valuable resource. Flock understands the importance of keeping them focused on their work instead of them worrying about their benefits. Our latest product update includes two new components for our HR software that make your HR tasks simpler so your employees can keep doing what they do best - creating value for your company.

Custom Reports

Flock’s slick custom reports tool lets company Admins quickly and easily generate employee reports. Design a report based on the filters you set for employee personal and employment information. If you need to set-up a task list for employees by manager, function or department, it’s done in just a few clicks. If you want to generate a Birthday celebration list by the month, you can do that too. Whatever reports are meaningful to you and your employees are right at your fingertips!

Org Charts and Managers’ Permissions

With Flock’s updated Org Charts and Managers’ Permissions feature, managers can now view their direct reports’ profiles and see a complete org chart with all their direct and indirect reports.

New Profile Page

The profile page has a new look! Admins now have easy access to employee data without having to scroll through a long list of content. The new stacked layout also gives you the ability to store more data (including custom fields) and makes it easier to find where your date is located. More enhancements to this page are coming soon. Start creating today with Flock! It’s fast, simple and always free!

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