3 Identifying Qualities Of Employee Engagement (And Why It Matters For Your Organization)

In 2015, 69 percent of employees reported that engagement was a problem in their organizations. 82 percent of these same employees believe it’s “very important” for their organizations to address the problem.

And yet, many don’t. But they should.

In fact, a lack of employee engagement costs companies $11 billion annually due to employee turnover. And because 71 percent of all employees are not fully engaged and companies with engaged employees outperform others by up to 202 percent, it’s time you sorted your company’s engagement issues once and for all.

So, how should you be measuring employee engagement (after all, you need to measure it before you can improve it). We’ve got 3 qualities of engaged employees that can help you do just that.

Quality #1: They Feel a Connection to Their Organization

If your employees don’t feel emotionally connected to their job, they won’t perform as well as they should. This is often a reflection of each employee’s relationship with their direct manager and supervisors. As such, it comes as no surprise that managers account for 70 percent of variance in employee engagement scores across businesses.

How You Can Help: Identify employee strengths during the onboarding process to closely identify where an employee will thrive and which managers they can form the best connection with. Doing so sets you and your team up for success from the very beginning.

Quality #2: They’re Committed to Their Organization

In other words, they aren’t planning on leaving the company come one or two years down the road. Unfortunately, employee turnover is a major problem for most businesses, even the small ones. That’s why26 percent of employees plan on leaving employers within the next 2 years, not a promising statistic.

How You Can Help: Build trust during onboarding and through daily operations to ensure your employees feel engaged and connected to their colleagues and management team. Ensure they feel comfortable speaking with management about their position in your organization to keep them engaged and willing to stay loyal for years to come.

Quality #3: They’re Making Progress and Meeting Goals

If an employee doesn’t feel as if they’re moving forward in an organization, they likely won’t feel engaged. After all, tangible contributions based on clear, realistic expectations are the simplest way to keep any employee engaged. This keeps employees confident and inspired (and therefore performing better for your organization as a whole).

How You Can Help: Encourage senior leadership to set clear expectations and a concise vision for all employees. By noting the accomplishments of employees, management can empower employees and ensure each individual understands the impact they’re having on the workplace.

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It’s your turn to share: How do you increase employee engagement as a HR professional or employer? Do you find that doing so increases productivity and success for your brand? Share your personal experiences below!

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