3 Strategies To Increase Employee Productivity In The Workplace

With daylight savings time in full swing once again, it’s all too common to feel as if you’ve lost out on an hour of work (at least the first few days this week, that is). But to be frank, an extra hour in the day isn’t what’s going to make employees more productive. Rather, it’s how they spend the hours they’re given on a daily basis to accomplish tasks and efficiently use every minute.

There’s just one problem: The difference between understanding this and actually increasing employee productivity.

No matter how hard you push, employees won’t just become more productive overnight. Rather, you should seek to increase efficiency, thereby improving productivity in the process. And below, we’re outlining our 3 best strategies to do just that.

1. Delegate Tasks With Purpose

It can be difficult to abdicate control of your company and every last task that keeps it moving forward. However, doing so is a must when you want a bustling, productive workplace that guarantees future success.

The best way to delegate tasks is to critically consider which employees are best suited for each specific task. This allows your team to build important skills and the confidence necessary to carry out essential roles carefully and with the best interest of the business in mind.

2. Create an Environment of Open, Effective Communication

Breakdowns in communication are one of the most common hindrances of productivity. After all, inefficient, back-and-forth email practices or a lengthy chain of command can make it difficult for the right messages to reach recipients (let alone to do so in a timely fashion).

Instead, you should rely on Flock’s messaging capabilities to promote simple, straightforward in-office communication. You should also promote an open, friendly environment so employees aren’t afraid to speak their minds and offer ideas as to how you can further enhance productivity.

3. Take the Time to Refine Each Goal or Task Before Delegating

In most small businesses, a task will emerge and, consequently, you’ll find someone to fill the need. But in a rush to accomplish as much as possible, it’s all too simple to leave unnecessary steps and processes in the mix, wasting time and distracting employees from other, more important needs.

Fix this by clearly focusing and refining all goals and needs prior to getting started. Ask yourself, “what is the simplest process to accomplish this task?” to cut out steps and reach goals more quickly. You’ll be amazed at just how much of a difference this simple practice can make.

When a Productive Workplace Matters, Get Flock

While employee productivity is largely related to efficiency, the general productivity of your workplace is related to the efficiency of the most time-consuming, administrative hassles such as employee onboarding and benefits management, among others.

Flock is the HR and benefits software that will take all of your most time-consuming tasks and automate them, making onboarding a seamless experience, guaranteeing worry-free compliance, and keeping both you and your employees connected to benefits 24/7.

Curious to learn just how much Flock can do? Get one step closer to your most productive workplace by signing up for Flocktoday (did we mention it’s free?)!

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