3 Things To Make Your Next Open Enrollment Better

Post OE Evaluation

It’s February! Open Enrollment is probably over for you, W2s have been sent out, and ACA reporting is done (if not, learn about Flock’s last minute ACA support).  

You might be tempted to take a much needed break, but this is the perfect time to look back on what worked for your last OE - so you can repeat it, and what didn’t work - so you can get ahead of problems before your next enrollment.

OE doesn’t have to be hard.  With some analysis of how this year went, and proactive planning for next year, it can go a lot more smoothly.  Here are three areas to discuss with your team to evaluate this past OE and how to make the next one easier.

Problem Area: Data Issues

Data errors are the most common headaches in the weeks following your Plan Effective date.  Employees’ payroll deduction errors, incorrect or lack of coverage, coverage questions from your employees, and so many other things can take time away from focusing on the the work you should be doing this time of year… Which will lead us to the next topic - Plan Evaluation.

How Flock Helps:

If you work with multiple benefits and HR service providers, meet with them to discuss process-gap issues that might be causing the problems.  

Through research with our customers, we’ve found that dealing with multiple vendors individually, and multiple data delivery methods, can lead to these kinds of errors.  Flock integrates all of your vendors on one platform with no need to change your HR or Benefits service providers and eliminates paper processes.  

With 100+ integrations with Medical Carriers and Payroll Providers, we put all of your data on one platform to reduce manual processes and greatly reduce data errors.  (Get a demo to see how we help) And that leaves more time for...

Problem Area: Plan Evaluation

Plan evaluation is one of the most important activities following OE - particularly in our competitive labor market.  

Without knowing if current plan offerings are meeting your employees’ needs, if they adopted different plans than expected, you’ll potentially miss gaps in your coverage that could leave your employees over, or-under, insured.  That can lead to the same headaches next OE.  

If you’re still dealing with the data issues listed in the previous section, you may not have the time to do a good plan evaluation with your brokers, carriers, and payroll providers.

How Flock Helps:

If you and your brokers don’t have a comprehensive view of your data, it’s hard to get ahead of any plan design problems and make the best decisions for your next plan year.

The Flock Platform incorporates your data from multiple sources and provides preconfigured and customizable reports - including HR, Benefits, equal opportunity data, headcount and turnover.  We consolidate your data and put your team and brokers in the driver's seat to streamline your plan evaluation process. (Get a demo to see how we help)

Problem Area: OE Communications

Did your employees have the information they needed to make the right benefits selections? Pre-OE communication is as important as the actual Open Enrollment.  If there’s a lack of understanding of plan offerings, what they mean to your employees, and how to enroll in them, you might have had a less than optimal adoption than you expected.  

Most of your employees spend only a few minutes making their benefits selections, and really understanding the context of your entire benefits offering matters.  The enrollment process is often too complicated.  They can’t easily see the value of how all of your plan offerings work together to benefit them and their families.  With a good communications plan and capability, you can fix that.

How Flock Helps:

With Flock, you can connect with all of your employees, local or remote, at any time through our platform and our mobile app.  Post OE, you can send surveys to get feedback on what went well, what didn’t, and what your team needs.  

Before your next OE, you can send broadcast messages to inform them of new plan offerings through the Flock messaging feed so they’re more informed of plan selection options.  Once they start enrollment, all of their benefits are presented in an easy to use online experience for desktop or mobile. (Get a demo to see how we help)

There are always challenges with Open Enrollment, but with the right tools and some pre-planning, you can make your next OE a real success.  Flock is the key to that success.

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