Flock Partners With Beam Dental

Creating value for both brokers and SMB owners is the heart of Flock’s business. Building smarter technology and more powerful tools that make it easy for HR and their insurance brokers and other service providers to work together is our mission. We don’t buy into the perception that a better technical and product experience has to come at the expense of the personal relationship between a broker and client. That’s why we built Flock to be the HR and Ben Admin platform where high-touch engagement meets high-tech efficiency.

The evolution of online technology brokers addresses one pain point that SMB owners and HR professionals all share – the time-consuming but vital HR administrative tasks required to onboard and continuously manage employees from hire to retire. While managing insurance benefits through a tech broker can make these tasks easier, it’s frequently at the expense of the customer experience. Bridging the gap between the convenience of online tools and the personal touch of an experienced broker partner is how Flock and other modern service providers are adding the greatest value to their clients.

This is why we are excited to partner with Beam Dental - an innovative and modern dental plan carrier that’s perfect for today’s modern brokers. Beam is rethinking dental benefits from the ground up, with dental plans and perks designed for large and small employers and online enrollment and system EDI integration to lessen the paperwork for the employer and the broker partner. Like Flock, Beam is focused on upgrading the technology and tools available to the modern employee benefits broker.

We’re excited to welcome Beam to our growing flock of traditional and innovative carriers and brokers across the country!

About Beam

Beam is a smarter dental insurance company. They work with employers, individuals and families to deliver fundamentally better care. They accomplish more by focusing on prevention. All Beam plans include their connected brush, alongside automatic shipments of toothpaste and floss. Their accompanying app helps measure progress and rewards users for improving their dental health. Beam also makes it easy to find and access dental services with the tap of a finger. They’re Beam, and they’re reimagining the dental industry from the ground up. Beam is based in Columbus, Ohio. To learn more about Beam, please visit

About Flock

Flock is a software-as-a-service company focused on the rapidly-changing online insurance and HR compliance market. Flock is designed and built for the small to mid-size businesses that benefit from an application that simplifies the employee lifecycle and easily integrates with existing broker relationships that can be overlooked by the larger cloud-based software companies that focus on health insurance coverage. For more information, explore the rest of our site!

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