Introducing A Better Ben Admin Experience

For the latest product release, we gathered our flock around the HR team and anyone who manages Ben Admin. Our goal is to build a great HRIS system that makes life easier for the people who use Flock every day. We challenged ourselves to go after both large and small fixes to bring you better tools, the newest features and improved performance so you can spend less time on tasks.

Forms Enrollment

Health Benefits enrollment forms for UHC, CalChoice and Covered CA have been added. So no matter the size of the employer, Flock can now support Carrier Forms Enrollment, Electronic Data Interface (EDI) files or Encrypted CSV data pushes for our Carrier and Broker partners . This feature not only saves everyone time, but also eliminates the hassles and risks of making errors when employees have to fill out forms manually.

New Clients

If you’re new to the platform, it’s now even easier to import your data into Flock. Our robust import functionality has you covered for all kinds of data uploads including voluntary plans and unlimited dependents in an insurance carrier-friendly format.

Life Events

Let’s face it, life happens. So when an employee has a marriage, new child, or other life event, Flock's improved user interface and additional functionality makes it even easier to make the necessary changes.


We also added more choices to time-off policies for exempt and nonexempt employees giving you greater freedom and flexibility to set the policies that work best for your company.

At Flock, our days begin and end with a commitment to building the best HRIS and Ben Admin platform possible for the people who use it the most. Say hello to Flock!

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