Be The Proactive Benefits Adviser Clients Are Looking For!

Many small business owners (your clients included) don’t pay much attention to their broker most of the time. In fact, few pay attention at all, except when something goes wrong or a superior alternative emerges.

As a health insurance broker, it's in your interest to become a true strategic partner by proactively managing your clients’ interests to ensure they don’t need, or want, to explore other options. But even under the best of circumstances things don't always go to plan, and with so many brokers vying for new business, it’s important to anticipate if your clients are becoming unhappy and in search for your replacement.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a mind reader to do this. Rather, you just need to know what to watch out for.  Below are 5 warring signs, with simple tips to maintain, impress and even build your book of business.

1. You Aren’t Proactively Protecting Business Interests

It’s your job as a commercial insurance broker to identify and secure benefits plans for business owners. However, your job doesn’t end once you match your client with the best plan and carrier for their needs.

If you’ve been absent since first creating a plan for your client, it’s time to step it up. Always look for ways to save your clients money or to otherwise protect and further their interests. They’ll reward you with their continued business.

2. You Aren’t Knowledgeable in All of the Areas Your Clients Need Help

This sign is obvious. After all, if you can’t fulfill your clients’ every last need, they’re going to find someone who can.

The best way to resolve this issue is to educate yourself. Always look for product areas you’re less familiar with to better anticipate the broad range of needs any potential or current client will bring to the table. Being prepared and resourceful is the best way to maintain and build your book of business.

3. You Aren’t Available When Your Clients Need You

With many clients, it can be difficult to give each the attention they need when they need it. However, doing so is essential to ensure clients feel as if they’re well provided for, no matter how much or how little they need you.

Make it a point to be available when you say you will be. If you’re tied up when a client contacts you, get back to them in a timely fashion to ensure they aren’t using the time you spend getting back to them searching for another health insurance broker.

4. You Aren’t Making it Obvious That Your Clients are Protected

While any employer wants to offer a robust benefits package to employees to increase productivity and encourage employees to remain with a company, they also want to know that they’re always compliant. If you give clients any reason to doubt your abilities, they’ll need to find a replacement to ensure they’re protected from the hefty noncompliance fines that are only increasing over time.

As a broker, using a system like Flock makes it simple to assure clients that they’re compliant. In fact, Flock’s dynamic analytics guarantee state and federal compliance, no matter the volatile nature of changing reporting requirements and other common headaches. And, because clients can access Flock 24/7 from any location, they can always see firsthand that they’re compliant (meaning they’ll have no reason to look for another broker).

5. You Aren’t Making it Simple for Clients to Manage and Oversee Their Benefits

If you’re offering bare minimum solutions and outdated platforms to secure and manage benefits, you’re leaving a lot to be desired. Most brokers today rely on systems like Flock to offer clients a centralized system from which they can view and manage benefits as well as handle time-consuming administrative tasks like onboarding and time management.

Go above the standard call of duty by offering similar solutions to clients. Doing so will save your clients and their employees time and give them peace of mind that their needs are always being met. Talk about a win-win situation!

Protect Your Clients and Your Interests With Flock

Flock is the small business HR software that offers clients countless valuable resources. From the centralized knowledge base to the 24/7 visibility of all vital information and beyond, you can count on Flock to ensure clients are never sent looking for another healthcare broker again.

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