Birds Of A Feather-SMBS And Flock

Flock is an all-in-one software platform to manage HR, Benefits, and Compliance. No paper, no headaches. For free. Flock improves the link between employers and insurance brokers with simple, reliable and secure online tools that modernize HR processes. Flock is the best alternative for SMBs like you who believe high-tech and high-touch are birds of a feather when it comes to administering your employee benefits programs.

At Flock, our first priority is making the complex task of managing your HR process simple, easy, and secure. By partnering with progressive insurance brokers and collaborating with well-known payroll providers, Flock’s innovative all-in-one platform supports SMBs’ HR, Benefits, and Compliance needs at every growth stage. Flock for business can help streamline your HR and Finance teams, making them more efficient, effective, and accurate. With Flock, you get a centralized employee data warehouse that can be quickly accessed, monitored, and reported on. Having this kind of knowledge at your wingtips protects you from over-billing by insurance carriers and limits the risk and liability caused by constantly changing tax laws and health care reforms.

Today, more people are employed by SMBs than large companies and the number keeps growing. Flock recognizes that creating jobs is hard work and wants to help by giving you access to the best online benefits technology available. Together we can safely and securely met your needs for online, anywhere, anytime employee and benefits management, while also boosting your insurance broker’s ability to serve you.

When it comes to your employees’ HR benefits, don’t fly solo. Migrate to Flock today!

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