Brokers And Absence Management How To Provide More Value For Your Clients

Absences are costly for employers. And while 75 percent of HR professionals report limited revenue and productivity due to employee absences, only 36 percent of 1,200 surveyed employers measure how absences affect their bottom lines.

Needless to say, employers could use support in identifying and managing absences. And while an employee absence tracker or HR management software (i.e. Flock) can help with that, you serve an integral role as a broker as well. But first…

Why Absence Management Matters

Aside from the obvious reasons why employee absence management matters (i.e. reduces lost productivity and protects against decreased revenue), there are other reasons why it’s important as well.

Namely, it matters because the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed how employers must track employee absences. And like most matters with the ACA there are penalties for even the most minor mistakes, making this all the more important for employers.

But employers struggle to manage absences on their own. Just consider these statistics: * 58 percent of employers have a difficult time tracking and interpreting State and Federal laws. * 54 percent of employershave a difficult time gauging whether employees can perform their routine tasks before permitting them to return to work. * 42 percent of employers lack the available resources to manage employees on their own.

Of particular importance is that last statistic. And because of that, it becomes apparent why serving as a support for managing employee absences is vital as a broker.

Absence Management Best Practices: How You Can Help as a Broker

Any effective absence management is characterized by several best practices, all of which you should follow as a small business health insurance broker:

1. Establish a Return-to-Work Program Many employers have not specified a written return-to-work policy. Doing so enables employees to return to the workplace more quickly, therefore reducing costs for your clients (i.e., the employers) while promoting a positive workplace experience for employees.

2. Detailed, Centralized Reporting Detailed absence management reporting in an HR software program like Flock makes it simple to understand how long each employee was out and when they returned to work. By centralizing the data in one place, it’s simple for employers to analyze and use the data appropriately.

3. Offer Assistance to Employees For some employees, an assistance program is necessary to streamline their return to work. This can be a disease management, wellness program, or another that makes it simple to get them back in the office.

Flock Creates a Visible Knowledge Base Ideal for Employees and Employers Alike

When you choose Flock as the absence management system for your clients, you get access to a comprehensive knowledge base in a centralized location. Because both you and your clients can access this data 24/7 no matter where you’re located, absence management has never been simpler.

Schedule a demo of Flock today to see how our online HR software can benefit the small- and mid-sized businesses you work with. Efficient absence management has never been simpler.

Brokers, we want to hear from you: How do you manage employee absences for employers? Do you have a current system in place? Or, do you think Flock could help your efforts and client satisfaction? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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