California Paid Sick Leave ~ Updates

After your summer vacation get-away, it may be time to review your time-off policies for 2017 and ensure they are in compliance for 2018. California paid sick leave was a bit convoluted for many employers (to say the least) when it first appeared in 2015 and recently the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) released some new and improved FAQs related to and addressing California's paid sick leave law.

California's paid sick leave law requires most employers to provide up to 24 hours (or 3 days) per year of paid sick leave to employees. Any employee who has worked in California for the same employer for 30 or more days and within one year from the beginning of his/her employment will be entitled to paid sick leave. Flock has a dynamic & flexible time-off module which can handle these accruals and display the paid sick leave along with any other types of time-off policies you may have in place. Employees can request time-off 24/7 and the approving Manager is notified of the time-off request both in Flock’s activity page and via email. Once approved or rejected by the Manager, the Employee is notified of the decision and it remains in the time-off history page and the the company calendar. Join one of our weekly 30-minute webinars to see this functionality in action.

The updated FAQs from the DIR contain new questions & answers that are frequently asked. Such as:

  • How does the law impact "grandfathered" (i.e. existing) paid time-off policies?
  • How would you calculate the rate of pay for time taken off as paid sick leave through an existing "grandfathered" policy?

Read all the updated FAQs

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The information provided here is for illustrative purposes only, and does not constitute, nor serve as a substitute for legal advice. Please consult legal counsel to ensure all facts and circumstances are taken into account in complying with applicable state and federal law.

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