Cloud Based Software Your Solution To Aca Reporting Problems

In today’s personal and professional realms, the cloud reigns supreme. Everything from your favorite family photos to your company’s ever-growing data and storage demands can be efficiently tackled and resolved via cloud computing. And now, even Affordable Care Act reporting and the common problems associated with it can be as well.

With recent changes in reporting requirements that have become active as recently as January 1, 2016, small businesses, especially those with just 50 to 100 employees and those with as many as 1,000 employees, face similar hurdles. But with no relief in sight and the threat of growing noncompliance fines, a solution is in demand.

That solution lies in cloud-based ACA reporting compliance.

Small Employers and HR Professionals Face Similar Challenges, No Matter Their Industry or Company Specificities

According to the U.S. Treasury Department, almost 96% of small businesses nationwide employ 50 full-time or equivalent employees or fewer. This puts many at risk of hefty fines for noncompliance, all while putting administrative pressure on these business owners to navigate the ever-changing ACA reporting requirements.

If you’re a small business owner or HR professional, you likely share in the same problems as others: * Disparate Systems -Most small businesses manage their benefits on one system and HR necessities on another. This creates a disparate, inefficient, and potentially costly problem for small business owners. * Outdated Data Entry - Many business owners still resort to manual data entry and computing, creating a possibility for error and making it difficult to manage compliance and run a company. * Misinformed Processes - Without a centralized system for all data regarding employee benefits, payroll, hours worked, and time off, it can be difficult to ensure all reporting is done properly (let alone is up to date).

If you’re facing these same problems, there’s a better way to tackle potential Affordable Care Act problems and put reporting errors, and the potential for fines, to rest: Cloud-based ACA reporting software.

Flock Makes it Simple to Manage Employee Benefits and Remain in Compliance With the Affordable Care Act, Regardless of What Changes are Made

Cloud-based HR and benefits software directly tackles each of the problems above by offering one, centralized system that manages everything from employee onboarding, time off, benefits, and, of course, federal and state compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

At Flock, we’ve designed our software to not only deliver on your common headaches, but those of your employees as well. That’s why our software also increases employee engagement through networking tools, messages, and more that make it simple to stay connected and stay abreast of benefits.

Ready to put your ACA reporting problems to rest? Sign up for Flock today and guarantee compliance never needs to cross your mind again (and yes, it’s seriously that simple).

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