Defend And Grow Your Book Of Business By Exceeding Client Expectations.

As an insurance agent, converting new leads and continuing to satisfy existing clients is the key to building and maintaining a strong book of business. There’s just one problem: knowing that you need to do this and actually executing a strategy that makes doing so simple.

Luckily, the team here at Flock understands a thing or two about building a strong book of business (one of which is using our small business human resource software, but more on that later!).

Below, you’ll find 5 tips to maximize your own book of business and ensure that your clients aren’t just satisfied, they’re ecstatic with the benefits solutions and other features/services you provide.

1. Understand Your Unique Niche of Clients

As a small business health insurance broker, you’re serving a unique niche of small- to mid-sized employers and HR professionals. And when you want to build a book of business around a unique niche, you must understand the clients that comprise it.

What are their pain points? What do they dislike about insurance brokers they’ve worked with in the past? How can you offer inventive, forward-thinking solutions to predict and eliminate points of contention or potential problems?

These are all questions you must ask yourself to ensure a high-quality outcome and cement yourself in the niche you love to serve.

2. Communicate on Your Client’s Level (and With the Right Questions)

If clients feel as if you don’t understand them, they’ll likely seek out a different broker. After all, no two clients are alike and even if they fall into your same niche, they’ll have different needs, expectations, and patterns of communication.

For example, some of the employers you speak to might respond better to logical appeals than emotional appeals. But if you don’t ask the right questions, you’ll never know what to discuss or how to discuss it.

Great communication with all clients is the foundation of a healthy book of business.

3. Stay in Touch

Clients don’t want a health insurance broker that is only there when they absolutely need to be. And while you may feel as if you’re bothering HR professionals and employers by sending newsletters or writing occasional letters to check up on them, you aren’t.

In fact, you’re doing just the opposite.

A high-touch approach is something most business owners don’t expect or receive from their insurance broker. And for that reason, going above and beyond by offering newsletters with useful, relevant content or a letter of appreciation and review of your client’s needs is yet another tip you should follow to build your book of business.

4. Don’t Just Make it About Business

As an insurance broker, it’s your job to manage the business side of your client’s needs. But at the same time, you can’t forget about the importance of being personable, either.

It’s important to connect with your clients on professional networks or to take your clients to lunch every so often. Doing so allows you to form personal, emotional connections that encourage clients to remain with you.

5. Add Value

Value is something you can never offer enough of to any client in an industry or niche. After all, the demands placed upon the C-Suite and HR professionals in most businesses is only increasing over time. Relatedly, this increases demand for efficient, streamlined processes provided by you, their broker.

A great way to add value is to offer technological solutions for traditional needs. For example, an HR software or vacation time tracker that makes it simple to manage employees, benefits, and related processes is an asset for any business and broker. Flock does just that, meaning that your clients are happy (and you are as well).

Don’t Just Secure Clients, Build a Book of Business You Can Depend On

Your book of business and its relative status is the backbone of your business and continued success as a small business insurance broker.

The tips above are but one step in the right direction when you want to perform a level of service that keeps clients with you both now and in the future. When you really want to amp up your results, Flock is there to support you each step of the way.

Flock makes high-touch engagement and efficiency simple by supporting employer-employee engagement, centralizing all employee data, and facilitating a simpler, more straightforward work environment. The best part is that Flock is free to your clients and accessible 24/7, meaning that when you aren’t there, Flock is.

Ready to see it for yourself? Schedule a demo with our team to see how Flock can work for you (and your ever-growing book of business). We promise, it’s the best decision you’ll make for both you and your clients.

Now it’s time for your thoughts: How do you maximize your book of business? Which tips have successfully helped you do so in the past? Share your thoughts and own successes in the comments below!

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