Flock & Beam Dental Announce Partnership

Beam Dental and Flock partner to offer a unique approach to dental plan coverage, HR and Benefits Administration

This partnership brings together innovative technologies to further enrich the user experience for Employers and Insurance Brokers.

Beam, a new dental benefits company offering unique members benefits and proprietary pricing methods, is partnering with Flock, the all-in-one software platform to manage HR, benefits, and compliance. The Beam Dental and Flock collaboration will deliver a comprehensive solution to innovative brokers, who are increasingly looking to technology vendors for new solutions for SMB Employers.

Beam’s product is unique in that it adds a wellness element to the purchase of dental insurance by packaging Beams smart toothbrushes, paste, and floss along with a variety of dental insurance plans. This approach to dental care helps keep individuals engaged with daily hygiene while encouraging preventive visits to their dentist.    

One of Beam's favorite tools pointed at brokers in particular is Flock; a fantastic example of how the client experience can be enhanced by pairing great HR and Benefits software technology with the broker’s position as the trusted advisor to meet client needs. In an increasingly complex benefits marketplace, Flock is an excellent tool to enhance the broker’s capability to deliver a world class experience to their clients.

“Beam’s unique approach to dental benefits is an excellent match for Flock. Having Beam’s forward thinking products on the Flock platform enables our broker partners to differentiate and provide more value to their clients” said Raj Singh, CEO of Flock.

Flock provides its innovative HRIS and Benefits Administration platform and easy to use, all-in-one solutions for innovative Insurance Brokers to offer their SMB clients to manage the Employee lifecycle and benefits administration, and to enable its Broker partners to serve their clients better. Beam’s innovative dental benefits solutions is a natural fit for Flock’s network of engaged and progressive brokers, which makes this partnership a natural fit for both companies.

“Beam is proud to join Flock's fast growing group of top employee benefits brokers and look forward to providing the best product experience in the industry nationwide” Alex Frommeyer, Co-Founder & CEO of Beam.

About Beam

Beam is a smarter dental benefits company that offers employers a fundamentally unique approach to dental coverage by incorporating dental hygiene behavior into policy pricing. All Beam Dental SmartPremium plans also include a unique member benefit of our connected, electric brush, alongside automatic shipments of replacement heads, toothpaste, and floss. Beam’s accompanying app makes it easy to find and access dental services with the tap of a finger from a broad, nationwide network of dentists. Learn more about how the company is reimagining dental care from the ground up by visiting

About Flock

Flock is a software as a service company focused on the rapidly-changing online insurance and HR compliance market. Flock is designed and built for the small to mid-size businesses that benefit from an application that simplifies the employee lifecycle and easily integrates with existing broker relationships that can be overlooked by the larger cloud-based software companies that focus on health insurance coverage. For more information, visit

Beam Product Not Available in All States

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