Flock In-Formation: Attack Surfaces, The IOT, And Your ToothBrush


This week’s bird’s-eye view:


Security has been on our mind while thinking about the sea change this pandemic has brought us. Many people are lucky to be working from the safety of their home. But what about cybersecurity? This week, the Flock team has sailed the ocean of the internet to find quirky and informative articles to help you navigate the murky waters of security while working remotely.

Attack Surfaces

With so many employees working from home, many IT departments are scrambling to shore up possible cyber attack surfaces. How is it affecting the business world?

Your Toothbrush

Not to fear, there’s a lot that folks can do to strengthen their company’s security posture, both employees and administrators alike:

It’s the Little (Internet of) Things

Now that everyone’s stuck at home, people are using wi-fi enabled technology for everything from starting their morning routines to staying fit. Falling under the label Internet of Things (IoT), lots of these gadgets are also vulnerable to hacking. A few tips on keeping your (internet of) things a little more safe:

Now that you’re busy pondering all things security…

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