Flock In-Formation: FFCRA Leave Tracking, Learning Pods, And Wine Holes!


The last few months have been an endurance test for everyone, especially parents who are asked to work from home. And now, with many schools offering their classes remotely, parents are yoked with the new role of study hall monitor as well! This week, the Flock team has scoured the web for some specific, useful, and fun tidbits to help out frantic families.

FFCRA and Federal DCAP Funds

With the FFCRA, the government has taken a step in the right direction by assisting small businesses in providing family and sick leave. However, with the longer term proposition of doing their job while shepherding kids through their paces at school, parents are stressed out. Here are a few resources to find out more:

Pandemic Learning Pods

Aside from the the media’s campy fascination with people being trapped in pods, the newly hatched idea of parents putting their kids in pandemic learning pods is gaining some real attention.

And…Wine Holes

No surprise that people are imbibing a bit more than usual during these tough times. (Probably, especially parents, though.) If you’re looking to unwind and you’re curious about what your neighbors are sipping these days:

And, though this all seems like a brave new world to us, humanity has already faced the challenge of finding a decent beverage while maintaining a healthy social distance.

  • During the the days of the bubonic plague, enterprising innkeepers all across Tuscany served their thirsty customers through tiny windows carved into the sides of their taverns.
  • These wine holes, or buchette del vino, are making a comeback, and Wine Spectator’s got the scoop.

And, while you’ve got that glass of vino in hand, why not kick up your feet and join us for our next webinar? Sit back, relax, and let us take you through some of Flock’s most exciting and powerful new features:

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