Flock In-Formation: Virtual Benefit Fairs, Clear Communication, Holding The Pico


This week’s bird’s-eye view:


You know that open enrollment is one of the most stressful and critical times for HR administrators. And COVID-19 has not made the task any easier. This week, the Flock team has scoured the net to find quirky and informative tips to help you implement a smooth OE during rough times.

Virtual Benefit Fairs

Addressing employee pain points is a giant task when it comes to benefits enrollment:

  • According to HR Daily Advisor, a Colonial study revealed that nearly 90% of consumers confess to a lack of understanding of their benefits.
  • Folks on the street interviewed by Aflac said they’d rather give a speech in public or endure a colonoscopy than research their benefits.

How can we get employees engaged during OE, especially while dealing with the difficulties imposed by COVID-19?

Clear Communication

Famed Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (perhaps) said it best: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  We found three brief articles to help you best communicate your approaching OE to your employees:

Hold the Pico, please.

Honing good communication skills has always been important, both in and out of the office. Not everyone rises to the occasion:

  • For examples of some truly Machiavellian office tirades, behold the infamous Tiger Oil memos. (No, this is a different tiger guy.)
  • Sometimes bad writing gets the recognition it truly deserves. Behold the winners of the 2020 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction contest which, “challenges entrants to compose opening sentences to the worst of all possible novels.”
  • Though fellow San Franciscan Lisa Kluber took home the top entry this year, we’re also partial to the film noir detective-inspired entry which garnered runner-up status:
  • “As hard-nosed P.I. Dan McKinnon stepped out into the gray gritty dawn, a bone chilling gust of filth-strewn wind wrapped the loose ends of his open trench coat around him like a day-old flour tortilla around a breakfast burrito with hash browns, sausage, and scrambled eggs, hold the pico.” — Lisa Hanks, Euless TX

Now that you’re thinking about prepping for your upcoming OE…

…you should know that Flock is a fantastic HRIS and Ben Admin solution for small and mid-sized groups, especially during a remotely held open enrollment. There’s safety in numbers, and we’ve got the G2 reviews to prove it. Take a gander—we’re proud as a peacock of what we have to offer you and your business.

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