Flock Launches API Integration With Guardian

Birds have an innate sense of connection which helps them fly together in perfect formation. It’s this spirit of connection which provides inspiration for everything we do here at Flock—from client to carrier, we’ve always been committed to keeping you closely connected. And today we’re proud to share with you our next leap forward in carrier connectivity: the brand new Flock-Guardian API integration.

This is a unique connection which enables our Flock broker partners and employer admins to be synced to Guardian in ways that no other platform can offer. Instead of waiting weeks on end, you can import entire plan builds from Guardian within mere minutes of the plans appearing in the Guardian system. You get immediate engagement with eligibility management, instant transfer and verification of enrollment information, and online EOI submission and status tracking.


Policy API Integration

The plan design and build process takes time and a lot of back-and-forth consultation with many people. This integration automates the set up and ongoing change process for Guardian’s policies.

  • By pulling your plan specifications directly from Guardian into Flock, what once could take several days and several emails to set up now takes just minutes to transfer. You can instantly import:
  • Plan configurations and rates
  • Eligibility setup
  • Age reduction and GI configurations
  • Aside from having roadrunner-like speed, this integration ensures excellent data accuracy by removing human error from the equation.

Enrollment and Member Inquiry API Integration

The integration creates a direct flow of enrollment information between Guardian and Flock. A tightly tethered data flow means:

  • No eligibility discrepancies to sift through since the platforms are in perfect sync.
  • No billing discrepancies as Flock is the system of record.
  • Your employees have access to their member ID cards.

The Flock-Guardian integration also lets you say “goodbye” to old school EDI files:

  • No more waiting: EDI files are sent weekly, but this integration updates information instantly. You also get immediate confirmation that benefit enrollments have been updated in Guardian’s systems.
  • No more blackout periods for EDI setup, no more maintenance downtimes.
  • No more worries about maintaining file specs, tracking SFTP issues, or having to send off-cycle OE files.
  • And an added bonus: without EDI file setup fees, your cost goes down.

EOI API Integration

Following up with employees and keeping track of their Evidence of Insurability requests used to be a lot of work, but not any more! The Flock-Guardian integration:

  • Eliminates manual data entry errors. And since everything is handled electronically, there’s no longer a need to hire third parties to manage the EOI process.
  • Makes everything quick and transparent: the near real-time API updates mean faster status update turnaround times since Flock and Guardian are perfectly in sync with each other.
  • Encourages better employee engagement: every year tens of thousands of EOI applications are never completed. Our integration reduces the application process to a few easy clicks, making your team members much more likely to quickly follow through:


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