Flock Product Spotlight Benefits Enrollment

Simplify benefits communication, enrollment, and administration - all in one simple, intuitive and easy to understand Flock’s Ben Admin portal.

It’s essential for employers investing in their human capital, to ensure that employees are educated on their benefits options and are able to make informed health and financial decisions.Implementing an employee benefits administration system that integrates online enrollment and HR benefits management successfully empowers employers to deliver value-added benefits and helps in optimizing employee participation.

With most of the employees spending less than an hour to make their benefits decision, we have made analyzing and selecting benefits a cakewalk for your employees. Flock helps employees make changes, view coverage, and enroll in minutes for their health and benefit plans.

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Flock helps you to provide your employees with an intuitive, meaningful experience as eligibility drives what employees can/ cannot see and what benefits they are able to enroll in. Plus, a total compensation statement at the end of the enrollment process truly expresses the value of what employers offer.

All employee data, transactions, dependent and beneficiary information, communications, and documentation, such as evidence of insurability, lives in “real-time” and is sustained in one system for which HR administrators are able to streamline and automate employee benefits administration on the go.

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