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Small and medium-sized business owners share some common traits and face similar challenges. A major advantage of being an SMB owner is having the ability to control your own fate. You love what you do and have proven that you’re good at it. And as your business changes over time, you’re constantly learning the difference between risks that are worth taking and risks that won’t benefit your business in the long run. As a successful business owner, you’re confident about what you know and have built a network of trusted advisors to help out with what you don’t know.

Flock understands the value of established professional partnerships to SMBs and that the broker relationship is particularly important. Using Flock to streamline the administrative transactions for HR, benefits and payroll lets your broker focus on the longer-term strategic aspects of managing your overall benefits programs. Leveraging your broker’s experience helps ensure you can control the cost of your benefits program and still meet the unique needs of your business and your employees. Your broker can be counted on as your company grows and changes – finding real solutions for instances like:

  • Keeping your policies updated as your headcount increases and your workforce coverage needs become more diverse
  • Advising you on different state requirements as your company becomes less local and more national
  • Ensuring you’re prepared months in advance for an open enrollment event, changes in health care legislation or disruptions to health care vendors such as a merger/acquisition or cancellation of a carrier

The consequences of forgoing the advice of your broker may be more costly than you think. The rapidly changing landscape of health care requires a knowledgeable guide who can give you up-to-the-minute advice and direction. The employer/broker partnership is built on mutual trust and respect for what each one brings to the relationship. With this in mind, Flock’s built simple, secure, and incredibly intuitive online HR tools that are free for SMB owners to use. And because Flock recognizes the importance of this relationship, we give you the freedom to choose to continue working with your broker. If you don’t have a broker and want the expertise and advice a broker can provide, Flock can refer you to a preferred broker partner.

We believe you deserve the high-touch engagement you get from your existing insurance broker and the access to high-tech HR, benefits, and compliance tools 24/7.

That’s why Flock is free to use with the freedom to choose.

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