Health Insurance Brokers: Make Yourself Indispensable Through Voluntary Benefit Assistance

If you’re a health insurance broker interested in building a robust book of business and making each client more satisfied than the next, you can’t offer bare minimum solutions. After all, any SMB or HR professional can take their business elsewhere, presumably to the next small business broker who offers more value than you.

Luckily, there are methods you can use to ensure you’re indispensable to all of your clients. One of these methods is to help business owners navigate voluntary benefits to ensure that they aren’t offering employees basic coverage, but are instead providing a benefits package that reduces employee turnover, increases productivity, and comes with the promise of other benefits.

But, how to do it? The experts at Flock have you covered.

Help Employers Fill the Gaps With Impressive Voluntary Benefits

There are a number of reasons why employers are attracted to voluntary benefits. The primary reason is because voluntary benefits can make high deductible health insurance plans appear more attractive. Another is that voluntary benefits can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses, all while giving employees the option to supplement and enhance their chosen benefits package.

According to a Gallup poll, 82 percent of American workers surveyed “placed a higher premium on voluntary benefits,” especially after the last recession.

In many cases, companies will choose a voluntary benefits plan when bringing their basic employee benefits package into compliance with the Affordable Care Act and its changing regulations. As a small business health insurance broker, it’s your job to ensure your clients have all that they need to retain employees and remain compliant.

3 Ways You Can Help Your Clients With Voluntary Benefits for Small Business

Not sure where to begin with voluntary benefits for your small business clients? Here are 3 ways you can help:

  1. Providing More Than Just a Service - Most employers are uninformed about benefits and rely on you, their broker, to explain their options. Make sure you prioritize client education to ensure they feel as if they’re choosing the best plans for their needs and understand the underlying value of each option you present.
  2. Match Clients With the Best Providers - As you know, there are countless qualified carriers and insurance providers for most businesses. Do your due diligence to ensure you’re matching each client with their best carrier to guarantee the robust, impressive offerings your clients want to present to their workforce.
  3. Help Clients Keep Costs Down - While small business owners want to offer their employees the best benefits package and voluntary benefits, none want to pay more than is necessary. Keep costs down through wellness initiatives such as exercise sessions on site or even medical screenings to keep your clients satisfied over time.

Once You’ve Established Benefits Packages, Promote Visibility and Positive Client Relationships With Flock

No matter how great a benefits or voluntary benefits program, clients won’t be satisfied if it isn’t simple to manage and present to employees. That’s why as a small business health insurance broker, you need Flock.

Flock allows your clients and their employees 24/7 access to their benefits, no matter where they’re located. And, with a centralized knowledge base and the ability to guarantee state and federal compliance with the Affordable Care Act at all times, the value is undeniable.

Schedule a demo of Flock today to see the system in motion and better understand why it isn’t an option, but rather a necessity, no matter how many or what types of clients you manage.

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