How Much ROI Can You Get From Effective Employee Onboarding? March 2, 2018

Ignoring a good onboarding experience can be fatal for you and your employees!

Source: SHRM
Source: SHRM

HR Onboarding isn’t a luxury. Successful employees go through comprehensive orientation and socialization and it shows in their successful integration into the company. Developing and sustaining a simple and intuitive employee onboarding program is vital to not only the success of your team but also to the productivity and longevity of your employees.

With all the other responsibilities that hiring managers and HR Professionals have, it can be easy to ignore onboarding or snag whatever free module came with your HRIS or applicant tracking system. That can be a mistake for you and your employees.

Onboarding programs can increase retention by 25% and improve employee performance by 11%

Give employees the right tools they need from the beginning. If they have what they need to flourish, they’ll be less likely to leave the organization because they feel successful in their roles. The Flock onboarding platform simplifies the process with highly configurable, automated systems and intuitive documentation and forms to give HR admins the validation of data accuracy and candidates the look and feel of an organized onboarding procedure.

There is a need for utilizing the onboarding processes to its best possible use

According to a joint study from Kronos and the Human Capital Institute, it was learned that Three-fourths (76%) of the employees reported that onboarding practices are underutilized. Nearly a quarter of organizations have no onboarding strategy or process for new hires.

36% of companies have the insufficient technology to automate or organize the onboarding process. Self-onboarding strategies, embedded content within online training, and onboarding platforms with interactive checklists minimize the over-tasking of managers and co-workers.

15% of employees said the lack of an effective onboarding program aided in their decision to quit

Use your onboarding program as an introduction to the company culture and values. It’s the prime time to connect the new members of the team to the company through making correlations between personal and professional goals.

Flock provides you with a simple, tech-enabled onboarding platform so your new hires are comfortable in their new organization and so you can avoid compliance issues with our onboarding best practices.

Onboarding is an important rite of passage for all of your new hires, entry-level or executive. Pay special attention to the program, as it is the stepping stone to developing engaged, high-performing, and tenured employees. The success of the company’s workforce relies on the depth of the employee onboarding programs.

It's the right time to shift from the traditional HR paperwork to an automated system of handling your employee onboarding and other HR related tasks all in one platform.

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