How To Best Utilize Your Hr On-Boarding Processes

Companies need the right approach towards on-boarding their employees in this modern era!

Onboarding an employee is one of the initial and crucial part of an entire employee lifecycle for any company. There are few instances in the employee lifecycle as momentous as the first few on the job. New hires join a firm with the promise of productivity.

They are focused on opportunities to grow and develop in their careers while making a positive impact both personally and professionally. Loyal to their organizations, new hires bring with them an enthusiasm and energy that is contagious.

It is on the part of the employers to make sure that the employees' enthusiasm and energy remain constant even before their first day of joining to their last day in office.

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According to a joint study from Kronos and the Human Capital Institute, it was learned that:

  • Three-fourths of the employees reported that onboarding practices are underutilized.
  • Nearly a quarter of organizations have no onboarding strategy or process for new hires.
  • 36% of companies have the insufficient technology to automate or organize the onboarding process.

Consistent and automated onboarding programs reduce work-loads for the HR manager:

  • Managers frequently lack sufficient time and bandwidth to single-handedly support or implement onboarding efforts.
  • Self-onboarding strategies, embedded content within online training, and onboarding platforms with interactive checklists minimize the over-tasking of managers and co-workers.
“I truly believe that onboarding is an art. Each new employee brings with them a potential to achieve and succeed. To lose the energy of a new hire through poor onboarding is an opportunity lost.”

— Sarah Wetzel, Director of Human Resources at engage:BDR

Tech is becoming prominent everywhere, so why not HR?

Today, you don’t even need to present your check at the bank to make a deposit—just a quick snap on your smartphone, press deposit, and that’s it. Applying this similar method to set up a direct deposit for an employee in a simple format on an App, just by entering their account details and routing number.

At the same time, exporting all onboarding forms into an HRIS system, implementing digital and e-signatures for legal compliances will further help eliminate excessive paperwork.

By thinking beyond the paperwork and developing an effective onboarding process, your organization can leverage technology to achieve an onboarding process that will not only attract but also retain employees with top talent.

What are your thoughts on implementing digital HR onboarding for your company?

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