Introducing Flock-A-Thon: Our Very First Hackathon!



Traditionally, a hackathon is when a team of computer programmers, software developers, and product designers get together to code, brainstorm, and come up with new ideas and features for a product in a limited amount of time.

But here at Flock, the fun is not just for the engineers but the entire team including the customer success, marketing, and sales folks. It’s more like an idea-a-thon!

The concept behind this was to bring all the teammates together and give them a platform to come up with new ideas for our Flock App. It was the perfect playground for discovery, where we had the opportunity to get to know each other better, take on new roles, and break out of their daily rut in the most innovative way.

Project Presentations

Hacking: brainstorming 1.0

We had our very first hackathon planned in the evening from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  Three teams were prepared to bring their innovative ideas closer to reality and present in front of the entire Flock team. Each team was given a separate subject to work on for 2 hours. Not to forget, we had oodles of yummy pizzas and beers to keep our bellies working along with our minds!

Team 1: HR Admin Benefits
Team 2: Task Revamp
Team 3: Internal Email View

We started by setting the agenda, making clear objectives and assigning the topics of further discussions. All the three teams came up with innovative approaches and a plethora of new features to enhance the product were explored. It was inspiring to see the collaboration between members of different teams.

When employees across the varied departments have a chance to collaborate, that is simply magical. It’s when we synthesize input from diverse perspectives, including the keen eyes of our clients and investors, that we’ll be able to make our product even better, even more efficient, and even more human.

Why we loved our first flock-a-thon:

  • Because we just saved a couple of weeks of research by focusing on concrete topics and coming up with solutions in a short span of time.
  • A holistic approach - one that involves decisions influenced by all the departments of the company!
  • Exploring curiosity and finding new ways to use and building new things.
  • It was more like a party and who doesn’t love parties!

Run a Hackathon (more like a startup-a-thon): Start Your Own Tradition

Our employee hackathons a.k.a Flock-a-thon is just the start of our great tradition here at Flock Software. It simply cultivates innovation and we are going to successfully apply these learnings to build and support a better product.

It’s crucial that all industries continue to innovate in order to stay ahead. Who knows, your hackathon might just discover the next Uber! We hope you find this inspiring enough for you to start an idea-a-thon at your startup!

Feel free to reach out on Twitter if you have questions or want advice on how to start your own hackathon.

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