Introducing Flock Slack Integration

Communication is a powerful tool that can have an enormous impact on the success of any organization. Effective communication can increase employee engagement, boost workplace productivity, and drive business growth. It is the cornerstone of an engaged workforce. A company’s workforce represents its most significant investment and ultimately determines the success or failure of the organization.

Engaged employees are far more likely to demonstrate the dedication and commitment that are essential to the long-term growth of any company, large or small. One of the most difficult challenges for any organization today is to find ways to effectively speak to its employees.


Boosting employee engagement is often at the forefront of HR and management initiatives, which often leads to countless surveys, meetings, reward schemes and other new programs. But the simplest way to increase engagement is sometimes overlooked – it starts with the day-to-day communication.

Our goal at Flock is to ensure that your HR is simplified and streamlined so that ultimately it results in the growth of the organization! What we love is being able to take any SMB and turn their lives and business around by increasing their efficiency, decreasing costs and centralizing all the HR processes in one slick solution.

Part of the ongoing process of never finishing is updating our most beloved features and it comes with great joy for me to announce our closer integration with Slack.

Team communication now made easy with Flock + Slack integration!

Slack is a popular communication tool in today's work environment. With Flock’s Slack integration you can stay informed on what’s happening with fellow team members.

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The following features are available to use as part of this integration:-

Regular Time-off updates:

Stay informed when fellow team members are going to be out, for how long, when they are back, etc. No more having to look at the calendar. The Flock-Slack integration will notify you just in time.

New hires welcome:

Stay informed when new hires are about to join. A notification goes out the day before the hire date of the new employee.

Sending broadcast messages:

Expand your reach beyond just employee’s emails by sending broadcast messages and poll requests to all the members on the Slack channel.


We would like to hear stories on effective communication within your organization.

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