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2018 is the year when more and more companies are including expenditure for HR technology in their budgets. Businesses are now looking out for purchasing and implementing new software to streamline their current HR processes.

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In a recent Aberdeen study in fact, 76% of organizations are re-focusing their gaze on those core human resource functions as a cost-controlling measure and as a business imperative.

Yet in these re-focusing efforts, organizations face a difficult set of choices: resolve to keep the process in-house; outsource the process; or use variants of HR software to deliver the process. Nowhere is this more applicable or important as in the process of administering benefits.

The most common reasons for this transition are:


Professional online community HR World estimates that up to 80 percent of an HR department’s time is spent on administration and paperwork alone, so implementing software to streamline and automate some or all of these tasks can have significant time- and cost-saving benefits.

How much? According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation, a small construction company with just two employees in HR saved 10 to 15 hours a week by implementing software-enabled manager and employee self-service capabilities, where they are given the ability to perform necessary HR tasks themselves.

With the rise in employers shopping for HR technology solutions, Flock is here to help you with all the benefits administration and HRIS needs right from hire to retire.

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Thursday, 29th March 2018
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About the Presenter


Nate McFall is a 16-year Employee Benefits and HR Software sales veteran. He has a breadth of experience across all aspects of human capital management, having worked with clients ranging in size from 10 to several thousand employees. He currently serves as Flock’s Director of Strategic Accounts, focusing on strategic initiatives with our broker partners as well as our direct client base.

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