Looking For Employee Engagement Ideas? Try Benefits!

Employee engagement is a responsibility that most often falls on the human resources department. This makes sense considering it is also the job of any human resources department to drive company culture and promote engagement.

But all too often, there are disconnects in workplaces. This contributes to the 79 percent of HR and business leaders who believe a lack of employee engagement is their top issue as well as why only 7 percent of these same professionals believe they are excellent at measuring, driving, and improving engagement and retention.

However, improving employee engagement is no simple task.

In fact, engagement is often an issue that companies focus on for short periods of time. Then, it continues to fall in importance as other, more pressing issues emerge. But with employees able to move to different companies if they feel dissatisfied, fostering and promoting a company culture where engagement is a top priority is more important now than ever before.

So, how can you improve engagement in your workplace? One of the best ideas is through benefits and below, we’re showing you three ways you can do just that!

1. Select Benefits Packages That Meet Your Employees’ Unique Needs

What do your employees need most out of their benefits packages? If you employ an older workforce, they might be seeking greater medical coverage along with vision and hearing benefits. Younger employees may want a greater focus on preventative coverage and voluntary benefits that make it more cost-effective to enjoy elective medical treatments.

When you customize benefits packages to meet the preferences and most pressing needs of your workers, you’ll heighten employee engagement because they’ll feel as if you care about the needs of both them and their families.

2. Gather Feedback From Employees to Put Together Benefits Packages

Although you feel as if you know what your employees need, you might not. For this reason, putting together employee focus groups or surveys to discuss what employees value most is a great way to gather direct feedback to ensure your benefits are meeting the needs and wants of your employees.

These meetings don’t need to be formal, either. You might even want to set up an online survey to ensure every employee has a chance to offer their opinion, all while preserving anonymity so all feel comfortable participating.

3. Be Flexible to Changing Needs

While setting a rigid schedule and set benefits package is beneficial from your perspective, it isn’t for your workers.

If your employees feel as if they aren’t well provided for or that you’re inflexible in your ability to accommodate their needs over time, engagement will likely wane. Luckily, by offering benefits such as flexible time off, flexible hours, wellness programs, and other initiatives, you can show your team you care and give them the flexibility that encourages them to remain with your company.

Flock Supports Employee Engagement on Multiple Levels

With built-in engagement features such as polls, broadcasts, and messaging as well as the ability to track time off easier than ever before, Flock is your partner in boosting employee engagement. The best part is that employees can access their benefits 24/7 and from any location, making it simple to increase and maintain a satisfied workforce.

Curious to see what Flock is capable of? Sign up for free today and begin enjoying a system designed for your business and its changing needs.

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