Maximize Employee Enrollment By... Offering More Benefits?

Employees, much like you as their employer, are often baffled by their small business employee benefits. In fact, just looking at their prospective options can leave most employees overwhelmed, confused, and, in many cases, unable to select which benefits are most suitable for their needs.

Issues such as too many choices and the significant amount of energy many anticipate they will need to select benefits are just some of the reasons enrollment is low for many small businesses. But as a business owner or HR professional, there are steps you can take - one of which is to offer even more benefits - to get as many employees to enroll as is possible.

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5 Ways to Increase Health Insurance Enrollment for Your Small Business

As small businesses continue to face underwhelming levels of benefits enrollment, owners are seeking solutions. If you’ve been desperately seeking ways to increase enrollment for your employees, here are 5 ideas how you can do just that:

  1. Offer More Benefits - With benefit overwhelm a common problem, it seems counterintuitive to offer even more options. But according to a MetLife U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study of 5,000 U.S. adults, enrollment jumps to 66 percent when employees are offered 11 or more benefits.
  2. Simplify How the Information is Presented - Benefits-related information is often presented in as much detail as possible, but this only serves to overwhelm employees. Narrow down benefits to those employees are most likely to purchase to prevent overwhelm and increase enrollment.
  3. Offer Guidance When Needed - Many employees require just a small amount of additional guidance to make the most of their options. By offering a system, such as Flock, that simplifies benefits packages and makes it simple for employees to shop around for their specific needs, you can diminish a significant amount of the buying procrastination and other problems that commonly plague employees.
  4. Reinforce the Process - Employee benefits shouldn’t be a “one and done” process. Encourage employees to regularly review their benefits to ensure it remains the best choice for their needs. With Flock, employees can access their benefits 24/7 and from any location, making this simpler than ever before.
  5. Give Context to Numbers - If you only present benefits as numbers, employees may fail to see the value of what is offered. Once you change options to represent the actual value behind the benefits and how these numbers compare to other options, employees will likely understand and appreciate the coverage more (not to mention be more likely to enroll!).

Your Approach is Vital to Benefits Enrollment

As a small business owner, you like to think that as many employees as possible will want to take advantage of the benefits you offer. But with so many hang-ups in the process and evaluation of various options, this can be quite a challenge!

By using the five tips above, you can do your part to encourage more employees than ever before to enroll in their small business health insurance coverage. And you? You’ll feel good knowing that the benefits you offer not only provide for your employees and their families, but will maintain motivation and productivity in your workforce as well.

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