New Model Notice - Medicaid And/Or Chip Participants

The model notice informs your employees of potential eligibility with premium assistance for Medicaid or CHIP state program(s). An updated notice for employers to provide information now available for download from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Click here to download the latest employer CHIP notice in PDF format.

Employers who are providing health insurance coverage in states with premium assistance through Medicaid or CHIP programs are required to provide their employees with the employer CHIP notice annually before the start of each plan year. An employer can choose to provide the notice on its own or with the following:

  1. The most common method for most employers is the carrier provided Summary Plan Description (SPD)
  2. Documents provided to the employee associated with an open enrollment process
  3. Within plan information notifying the employee of health plan eligibility

Flock supports our employers and broker partners by displaying these required notices to each employee in the reference library, or as an assigned task to existing and/or new employees. If included within the carrier SPD, the notice is displayed to the employee 24/7 during the benefits enrollment wizard process and on the employee’s benefits summary page.  


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The information provided here does not constitute, nor serve as a substitute for legal advice. Please consult legal counsel to ensure all facts and circumstances are taken into account in complying with applicable state and federal law.

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