Product Release | 02.10.20

We are excited to announce our first major release of the year! It boasts a fresh new look and features significant navigation improvements that ensure you can easily and quickly complete all the various tasks Flock helps you with every day. Along with user experience updates, this release introduces more robust support for managing COBRA and retired employee benefits, syncing payroll calendar dates with your payroll provider, and much more. As always, our focus is on helping you—our broker partners, company administrators, and employees—get your work done swiftly and effectively. We’re dedicated to making your life easier!

Note: These feature updates will be live on the Flock App starting 02/10/2020.

Flock’s all-new look!

We’ve improved your user experience with an intuitive, modular and more accessible side navigation and a lot more personalization options. The design goals for these changes are:

  • Reduce the number of clicks needed to complete key operations.
  • Provide a clutter-free workspace with contextual information and actions much more prominent.
  • Personalization of the product experience with color themes.
  • Customizable home screen with dashboard widgets activated based on system modules enabled and the users’ role.
  • Modular and scalable navigation.

Continue reading to learn about the rest of our new product release features. See this blog post to learn more about our new look.


Enhanced Employee Off-boarding Experience

The employee's offboarding flow is now even more thorough and streamlined. Admins can now reassign any pending off-boarded employee’s tasks and designate new owners for onboarding/offboarding checklist items, as well as determine the employee’s COBRA/Retiree eligibility. If the off-boarded employee is a manager, a new manager can be assigned to the reportees.


Payroll Calendar Support

Payroll deductions will be a lot more accurate with the new payroll calendar support. By loading your payroll calendar with deduction preferences such as cut-off dates and pre/post cycle deduction, Flock will be able to tell the exact payroll deduction start date and tell exactly how many pay cycles remain for the rest of the plan year. This is especially helpful for the HSA and FSA elections as well as our Payroll partner integrations.

We know this may sound complicated, but we make it simple with a step by step guide on how to get this set up in our support knowledgebase. We have more exciting functionality coming here such as per plan deduction schedules so stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 10.39.39 AM.png
Payroll Calendar 2.png

Updated 2020 W4

With the new government regulation changes for the 2020 W4, Flock has made systemwide updates to meet these requirements in the first week of January. Please note the major changes to the form include no longer reporting individual withholding amounts.

Change Eligibility Group Flow Updates

With this release, we’ve simplified the Change Eligibility Group flow. These changes give both Admins and Brokers a single place to capture and review all eligibility related changes in one place and capturing a changing reason. The new flow allows you to modify the benefits effective date, choose from a list of change reasons, and update any employment changes related to this event so that the employee’s profile is accurate. For our broker portal users, it also saves a lot of extra clicks by making it directly available from the benefits summary page.

  • Email notification for change in Eligibility group

We have added an email notification trigger whenever there is any change in an employee’s eligibility group. This will be enabled by default. The email announces and identifies the employee’s switch in the eligibility group, as well as their new effective date.

UX improvements for Extend Enrollment

Enrollment extensions are a lot more simple and intuitive with our latest updates. Extend enrollments in the context of the relevant enrollment you are currently viewing so it's a lot more intuitive for the admin. Also, we have made it a lot more clear when an employee has been given an extension.

Extend Enrollments.gif

Ability to create a special Life Event for Brokers/Admins

HR Admins and Brokers now have the ability to update employee enrollments with an Admin Override flow. This feature allows you to make necessary updates to enrollment without requiring employee form signatures or beneficiary / PCP information. Admins can also bypass any plan elections restrictions under QLE rules with this option.

Admin Override.png

Reporting Feature Enhancements:

  • Toggle between a list view or block view for your reports and templates.
  • Multi-company reports: Capture election information across several companies you manage with one simple report.
  • Report out each employee enrollment in separate rows: This is in addition to the census reports with one row per employee. This is a helpful export for several carrier systems.
Row-based reports.png
  • Self-Billing/Billing Reconciliation Report Filters by location, department, eligibility group, etc.
List Bill.png
Self Bill.png

Broker Portal UI/UX Enhancement

  • Easily review your benefit plans with the new category filter
  • Navigation remembers the last product tab visited
  • Ability to delete plans with employee enrollments

Join us for a closer look at all the new features.



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