Product Release | 02.12.18

No one appreciates the tasks of the HR administrator better than we do! We are happy to announce that the HRIS and Benefits Administration portal in the Flock platform is getting even better with this product update. In this release, you will see a variety of new features, usability improvements and a refresh of the user experience with an overall update to the look and feel of Flock with better use of space and consistency.

In-case you missed our January 8, 2018, release, please click here.

Improved UI/UX for smoother interactions with Flock


In the ever changing HR landscape it is of utmost importance to increase the productivity of HR admins and provide them with an intuitive user experience that is easy and smooth to navigate.  In this release we've made some noticalbe updates to the look and feel of Flock. We've streamlined our typography and applied a more consistent hierarchy for better flow and greater legibility. For example, user profiles have been redesigned to organize users information more efficiently. We've also introduced a new cleaner look and feel for the calendar page.

Calendar Update.png

Setting Roles and Permissions

You can view the employees with the respective roles via the action icons on the right of each role. You can create additional roles and assign what employee data they can read/edit and actions they can take. 
You can view the employees with the respective roles via the action icons on the right of each role. You can create additional roles and assign what employee data they can read/edit and actions they can take.

You can now apply varying degrees of permissions to your employees depending on what role they fill in the company. Create and assign roles and set read/write access in the available custom data fields for different groups of employees. This allows for enhanced control over which employees can access sensitive data or actions on the Flock platform.

HR admins can further set permissions for your supervisors to manage the employee benefits access the employee directory, manages the organization chart and check HR reports.


Edit and modify advanced security and permissions

The goal is to add greater convenience and functionality to help our HR administrators customize their settings based on the needs and preferences of their company all in permissions one tab.


Tracking the employees’ activation and onboarding status


Flock has built additional functionality into the People section to provide even more convenience for administrators.

The new Logins tab enable administrators with the ability to invite new employees to the system and reset passwords when necessary.

The Logins dashboard also provides visibility to the type of permissions an employee is enabled with, as well as a login history that includes their account status, total logins and last login date to track the status all in one simple dashboard. This dashboard will help you improve your employee onboarding experience, tracking your employees at each step and help them get started with ease.

Improvements to enhance your employee reporting


This release brings a subtle but powerful update to Flock’s already robust reporting functionality. Administrators now have the ability to run reports around a defined effective dates.

In the past this particular report was only possible for “changed on dates”. Now administrators can pull the most relevant information necessary for their billing and audit purposes.

Viewing the benefits of your termed employees

Move to Switch employees and zoom to termed Employee: Homes Susie.
Move to Switch employees and zoom to termed Employee: Homes Susie.

In an effort to improve and simplify HR administrators workflow you can now easily view and analyze benefits for off-boarded and termed employees.

Previously this information was only available via a downloadable report for a termed employees This release introduces a dashboard view that reflects that of the employee.


Enabling/disabling domestic partner flexibility

Flock has provided administrators the ability to add Domestic Partners specifics a selectable option for all companies. Now, employers who don't cover Domestic Partners and employers who only cover Registered Domestic Partners can specify this within their settings.


Collaborating the power of team communication with digital HR


Slack is a popular communication tool in today's work environment. With Flock’s Slack integration you can stay informed on what’s happening with fellow team members.

The following features are available to use as part of this integration (you can pick and choose):-

Time-off: Stay informed when fellow team members are going to be out, for how long, when they are back, etc. No more having to look at the calendar.. The Flock-Slack integration will notify you just in time.

New Hires: Stay informed when new hires are about to join. A notification goes out the day before the hire date.

Broadcast/Poll messages: Expand your reach beyond just employee’s emails by sending broadcast messages and poll requests to all the members on the Slack channel.

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