Product Release | 04.09.18

Flock is excited to announce our latest product updates. This release marks another step forward for Flock, with a continued focus on delighting users with a more refined experience. You'll discover a newly designed Home/Activity page with a more intuitive navigation system along with many restructured areas for better information flow. We've also made a number of excellent usability and functionality improvements with our HR Administrators in mind, with a substantial update to our custom forms feature and reporting capabilities. Thanks again to our customers and partners for their enthusiastic support and feedback.

In-case you missed our February 12, 2018, release, please click here.

Benefits Summary Page Redesign

Our Benefits summary page has received a well-earned facelift in this release.  Marked with a number of improvements to provide not only a more visually appealing layout but also a redesigned information flow.

  • Collapsible tables enable the viewer to choose how much plan detail is displayed at a given time.
  • Minimized plan details to provide a succinct side by side comparison of employer/employee contributions to the plans in which they are enrolled.
  • Individual “show details” trays open details on enrollees as well as plan documents and enrollment forms downloads.
  • “Additional Information” section displays all captured information like tobacco use, wellness credits, and pretax and post-tax data can be displayed back to the employee.

Change History

One of the many benefits of Flock is the ability to maintain employee records in an organized, easily accessible, and secure environment.

  • Visually track when, and by who, a certain change was made to an employee's record.
  • Download a complete or a segment of an individual's “change history”.
Change History
Change History

Enhanced Templates

Providing administrators the ability to quickly send letters to candidates and current employees with document templates is a huge time saver for busy HR departments and a core feature in Flock.


  • Usability and performance enhancements to both preconfigured templates and customized template editor.
  • Added fully searchable and compartmentalize areas for “existing” and “additional” placeholders.
  • Newly designed “custom field” input table.

Create New

  • Improved “new candidate” offer letter builder.
  • Simplified the UI design for a better user experience.
  • New multi-document support.

Payroll Connectivity Improvements

These improvements will add greater flexibility for Flock’s payroll connectivity suite.

  • Admins can now classify employees into Multiple Pay Groups for same pay frequency
  • Prorate time off balances for new hires based on join date.


Reporting is the key ingredient that makes for a quality HRIS system. We’re always looking for areas to improve the various ways administrators can assess the robust data contained within Flock.

  • Pre-defined reports have been reorganized to a single page.
  • Added Excel download options for all pre-defined reports.
  • New “time-off balance” and “accrual” reports along.
  • Improved a number of other predefined HR reports including: prorated time-off for new hires and anniversary date reports.

Quick Links

In this release, we’re excited to introduce Quick Links to our Home Activity page. Quick Links is a sub-navigation system that connects key related internal pages within Flock.

  • Enable users, especially new users, to quickly find the specific subpages that initiate tasks, modify profiles settings or request time-off.
  • Quick Links re-enforces the Home/Activity page as the go-to resource with Flock.
  • Quick Links are tied to roles and permissions.


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Join us for closer look at all the new features.

APRIL 12, 2018 | 11 AM PT


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