Product Release | 05.29.18

We are excited to release new features for both our HRIS and Benefits Administration modules. Additionally, we have made a few enhancements for our Broker partners in our Broker Portal module. Please read on to find out more and as always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

e-Signatures & Forms Upload (Company Admin)

With this functionality, you can upload any document and/or form to your Flock system and route it via the Tasks functionality. This can also accommodate either full e-signatures or simply the user's initials.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.34.29 PM.png

Once uploaded, simply map either system fields or create new fields and assign to your employee(s) via Task. Your employee(s) will then click on the task and complete the document. We can accommodate free text, checkmarks, system fields, and also e-signatures!

Note: this feature is available on request - just contact your friends on our support team and they will activate this feature.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 2.35.55 PM.png

'Effective date' based changes (Employee Profile)


Now, you can make changes and adjustments to an Employee Profile, then schedule those changes to go into effect on the date you determine (now or future).

This release also includes enhancements to our current and change history reporting. We have also added a “salary history report” in the “Pre-defined Reports" section. Here you can download a complete company record of all compensation changes for all employees, including:

  • Combined changes in one effective date
  • Schedule employment/compensation changes
  • View History
  • Pending changes
Effective date based compensation.png

Example screenshot of pending 'Effective Date'

Bulk upload documents (Employee Profile)


Flock always had the ability to upload any type of documents to an Employee's Profile. Now, you can upload multiple employee documents all at once, and easily modify permissions to permit or restrict access to particular documents.

  • Upload multiple employee documents at once
  • Sort documents by category
  • Set base level access permissions for employees and employee's managers

Reference documents (Company Level)


In a continuing effort to provide administrators control over their employee documentation, we’ve added the ability to view and sort reference documents by type or eligibility group.

  • Customize the view setting for all employee documents
  • Viewable by employment type, location or job category
  • Pre-set your preferred settings
Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.35.42 PM.png

Roles and permissions (Company Admin)

Each user in the system is defaulted to one of the 3 pre-defined roles: Employee, Manager or Company Admin. Now, you can very easily:

  • View the employees with the respective roles via the action icons on the right of each role.
  • Create additional roles and assign what employee data they can view/edit and actions they can take.

Time-off policy functionality improvements

  • Additional roles and permissions options for administrators
  • Set minimum hours for time-off requests
Minimum Timeof.png

For Administrators

  • Time-off requests notifications now appear on administrators activity page
  • One click approval / rejections


Plan bundling (Broker Portal)

  • Control dependencies
  • Set required enrollment preferences

Admin View


Employee View

Configure Bundle.png

Dependent age-out notification

  • Enable automated dependent termination policy
  • Set dependent plan termination age and specify age for termination notifications

Multiple enrollment forms per plan (Broker Portal)

  • Today: Medical plan only one form can be signed
  • After Release: Multiple forms can be uploaded for signature
  • Flexibility / Separate form can be used for carrier and TPA

Upload EE/ER PPP amount overrides (Broker Portal)

  • Allows: override of the employee/employer payroll deductions. Useful when there are different pay cycles OR employer want to prepay early towards HSA/FSA accounts OR ER contributions need to be adjusted
  • Supported: HSA/Commuter benefits

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MAY 31, 2018 | 11 AM PT


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