Product Release | 08.07.17

So, it's the end of the summer season. We’ve had a few months of warm weather, sun, perhaps a bit of beach time along with friends & family get-togethers, but now we are all being thrust back into reality: employee relations, staffing, benefits open enrollment, ACA reporting and maybe even year end projects for compensation/performance reviews may be in order.

With that in mind, we’ve created a list of new and enhanced Flock Product Features to help you get excited, or just ease that anxiety of everyday HR administration. Please review below and as always, let us know your feedback.

Flat Employee Contributions

Broker view
Broker view

Flock understands the need for flexibility, quickly deploy and if needed, change your premium sharing strategies based on the current competitive climate. You can now provide a flat employee contribution for medical, dental, and vision, whereas in the past we only allowed a flat employer contribution. Where this really comes in handy is for employers who have age banded rates but want to have employees pay the same rate as their colleagues based on tier, despite the age of family members. Now that’s Flockable!

Compensation Based Premiums

HR Admin/Broker view
HR Admin/Broker view

Current functionality has all salary-based benefits calculate from the employee’s base salary only. In this new release, we have added the functionality to choose a different amounts by simply entering the new value in our new field titled Benefits Compensation.

Please note, this view will only be available to HR company administrators and if permissions are set for the broker partner who have HRIS access.  

How to Set This Up: HR Administrators/Brokers will need to upload the values as a CSV which can be done via the People tab -> Bulk Upload.  The two fields required for this upload are “email” and “Benefits Compensation.” Alternatively, you may enter them into the employee’s profile ->Compensation tab->Benefits Compensation field and click on “Save & Continue”.

Employer Paid and Voluntary STD/LTD

Although Flock already supports many carrier STD/LTD products, we work closely with our broker partners to ensure we can support the majority of carrier products and the ever-changing underwriting requirements. In this effort, we have enhanced many features, such as, flat-amounts and pre-selecting many of the most common criteria to calculate the benefit and premium amounts. These enhancements will also speed and simplify the building of these products for our broker partners and their valued clients. We will continue to enhance these and many more features in this and the upcoming coming releases.

PTO Enhancement

Many organizations have time-off policies which may have different accrual rates or rules based on a group/title/tenure etc.  You now have the ability to customize a "Display Name" of the policy to your employees.  For existing users of our time-off module, you can also simply edit the time-off policy and it will display to your employees immediately. Making the complicated a bit more simplified and user friendly.

ADP Payroll Integration

ADP has been an integrated payroll partner of Flock to assist our clients with a single data entry point and assist in the overall data integrity. This has freed up many of our clients to focus more on their best assets -human capital- and business needs and less day-to-day administration. In this release we have expanded our benefit deductions support to include support for FSA, HSA and voluntary plan deductions. So now all the employee deductions can go through to ADP without dual entry. Flock + ADP = simplification and less paper.

Reporting Enhancements

Overall reporting improvements and usability for our HR Administrators. Benefit eligibility requirements and changes are complex for any HR Administrator and reporting data out on complex new changes and timing along with pending can also be confusing for any end user. We are continuing to solicit feedback and enhance the reporting output and in this release we will display “No Changes” in the email messages we send out for any scheduled change reports so you don’t need to download a report just to see they are blank. We also added more enhancements to eliminate unnecessary data fields based on specific use cases and we are hiding the legend. You can also report voluntary premiums for dependents broken out, such as Voluntary Employee Life, Voluntary Spouse Life, and Voluntary Child Life whereas in the past this was bundled under one area.  Finally, Flock supports pre-enrollment questions (wellness participation, tobacco use for underwriting requirements) and these fields are  now reportable, both the question & answer and/or premium changes (if applicable)

Passive Carrier Form Mapping

We added the functionality for  passive enrollments during the open enrollment window to no longer require a signature from an employee unless they make a change to the current election. This will save  time for our broker partners and HR administrators from sifting through forms with no enrollment changes and also not slow down the employee during their annual open enrollment election process.

Flexible Spending Accounts

With many employers participating in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) these days, we have added additional validation to the broker portal to better assist our broker partners to NOT exceed the current annual IRS limits while building out a Health Care (Reg/Limited) or Dependent Care FSA plan. Flock will update these limits annually for our broker partners.

Beneficiary Data Collection

Our broker partners now have the option to turn off gathering employee beneficiary information requirement. If it’s not necessary, you can turn off the beneficiary data gathering requirements. Keep in mind, if the need is for any product with a beneficiary designation it will appear once even if offering many different products that need a beneficiary.

How to Set This Up: Brokers will need to edit the product in the broker portal and uncheck the “Beneficiaries Enabled” checkbox and click on “Save & Continue”. As a reminder, if any one product asks for a beneficiary designation then the employee will be asked to complete it during the enrollment flow.

For a closer look at all the powerful new features Flock offers, please join us at one of our weekly webinars.

If you missed our July release: Click Here.

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