Product Release | 09.04.17

Flock's goal is to simplify your work life by building comprehensive people management solutions focused on the individual rather than process. This fall release includes many new features and enhancements that deliver a more engaging and personalized employee experience as well as position your organization for long-term success and more robust employee engagement. Here are the most recent Product Release highlights:

Tasks 2.0

We have made significant improvements to our Tasks capability. The major updates include:


For Employees:

Individual Tasks
You can now assign the same task to one individual or multiple individuals at the same time.

Group Tasks
You can now also assign the same task to one or multiple groups at the same time. You can have multiple combinations between ‘Employment Type’, ‘Job Category’, and ‘Location’.

Workflow Tasks
We are introducing the concept of ‘Workflow’ tasks. These are multi-step tasks that are routed sequentially to multiple users. These can be assigned for individuals and groups, and can be routed to multiple viewers or approvers.

Example 1: You need to give an employee a salary increase but need documented approvals.
Solution: Create a ‘Workflow’ task and choose the assigned for individual (this individual will not see the task). Once done, select the approvers and you are done. The task will be routed sequentially and the approver can approve or reject.

Example 2: You need to order a computer for a new hire, and another individual needs to install software on it, and another individual needs to provision it with security controls.
Solution: In this case, you would simply create a ‘Workflow’ tasks, choose the assigned for individual, and select the individuals the task should go to in sequential order. The task will be routed sequentially, and will come back to you (admin) once everything is complete.

Overall General Improvements

  • We have significantly improved both the user interface and user experience. There are clear call-to-action buttons on the right, and on clicking, these take you directly to the Task.
  • Employees can now multi-select Tasks and mark them as ‘done’ if needed.
  • Search as well as Sorting capability by newest, oldest, assigned by, assigned to, etc.

For HR Administrators:

Scheduled Tasks

  • You can now schedule tasks to be sent on a later date.
  • In the case of New Hires, you can set tasks to be sent 30, 60, 90 days after their hire date.

General Improvements

  • Multiple attachments: ability to have multiple attachments to the same task.
  • Ordering of tasks: ability to control the sequence in which a task is displayed to an employee
  • Multi-select: option to re-assign tasks to multiple users at the same time
  • Re-open: tasks that have been completed can be re-opened and sent back to an employee.

Onboarding task assignment: within an employee’s profile, easily re-assign onboarding tasks.

I-9 and W-4 and Employee Digital Signatures

Our goal was to simplify an ever-changing and complicated compliance process for both employees and employers and ensure it’s user friendly so you and your employees can focus less on administration and more on the job at hand.

Admin View
Admin View

Employee Digital Signatures: Whether it’s an offer letter, W-4, I-9 verification or a signature placeholder in a custom document, we validate each signature an employee creates. If they forgot to upload/sign or made an error (e.g. like a period or comma), they will receive a flash message letting them know they can’t move forward in the process as they forgot to sign the applicable document.

I-9 and W-4 Process: The overall completion process and steps for new hire compliance and even updated W-4’s along with I-9 recertification is now more clear and concise to both the employee and our HR administrators. We have created clear steps, better helper text and overall flash messaging to inform and guide the users.

I-9 Reverification: Many times an employee will provide required I-9 documentation which contain expiry dates. Flock will now only notify HR Administrators and employees when the expiration date ONLY applies to an employee’s employment authorization or a document of employment authorization which is about to expire. Flock will notify the HR administrator and employee via email that I-9 reverification needs to occur 180, 90 and 30 days out from the expiry date.

Employee View
Employee View
Employee View
Employee View

Support Channel/Customer Success

Old view - bottom right  /  New view  - top right ? icon
Old view- bottom right  / New view - top right ? icon

We have added more and more FAQ’s and screenshots to our self-service support channel and will continue to enhance the repository for our Broker Partner, HR Administrators and Employees. Flock’s Customer Success team is also available when you can’t find an answer to your specific inquiry. You can simply open a new request in our case management system. We will respond within 24 hours (if not sooner) and track this request from start to completion.

The only change you will notice is the new placement of the “Help” icon. We have changed to a “?” icon and it’s located in the top right of each page. It no longer appears as “Help” at the bottom right of each page. We made this change for a better overall user experience and to keep the action related buttons at the bottom of the pages - uncluttered. We have simplified the navigation to provide quick access to the information you need.

image (4).png

Reporting and Data Uploading/Downloading Enhancements

Editing a predefined report
Editing a predefined report

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our reporting and importing capabilities within Flock. Based on feedback from our Broker Partners and HR Administrators, here are the changes and data points requested:

  • Ability to edit pre-defined reports
  • Upload existing answers for underwriting - (e.g. Tobacco Use)
  • Removed columns (Column will not display if no change has occurred)
  • New filters- (Active/Offboarded/Benefits Eligible etc.)
  • Enhanced Data uploads (e.g. Excel file, Benefits Compensation Field etc.)
  • New benefit summary timestamp (e.g We date and timestamp the download for the user)
  • New searching & sorting of employee documents (Within the employee profile)
Admin view
Admin view
Profile document (sorting and searching)
Profile document (sorting and searching)

UHC Plan Data and Rates Integration Library

With a few simple clicks in the Broker Portal, our broker partners can now quickly import the UHC plan design(s) and specific rate(s) which were sold and bound by the HR Administrator.

Flock now maps the UHC plan design information along with rates for new clients or the next upcoming open enrollment. Flock has integrated plans and rate tables for UHC small business plans to make new business or open enrollment setup even easier within the Flock platform.

This integration is now supported for the following states: CA, CO, FL, OR, RI and WI. We are continuing to add more states so stay tuned. Note: integration is specific for small business plans (typically

UHC small bus plan.jpg

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