Product Release | 09.26.17

Fall must be here! We see the return of the pumpkin spice latte on coffee house menus. So while we've been enjoying our fav seasonal bev, Flock has been on another engineering sprint to build out a second product release for the month of September!

The first official day of Fall was September 22nd. Let’s celebrate, with your own pumpkin latte perhaps, and a quick read of these new updates. We are excited to bring this new functionality to our Human Resource Administrators and Trusted Broker Partners prior to the Q4 plan renewal and ACA reporting season.

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to your Trusted Broker Partner for assistance. We also encourage you to share feedback or comments with us at:

If you missed our last release on September 4, 2017, click here

Broker Portal Access Levels & Permissions

Creating a New User Role
Creating a New User Role

Flock has always had standard permission levels and roles with the Broker Portal and HRIS platform. The new functionality allows for the custom role to be created within the broker portal by any name, description and the ability to determine if the user should have access to read or read/write from within the broker portal. This new functionality will allow for brokers to create roles with limited access to Client management, Employee enrollment, Reporting capabilities, etc.

How to Set This Up: Brokers will need to login to the broker portal, Users-> Role Management and simply click on, “Create Role”. Once created then navigate back to the the, “User Management” tab and assign the role to whomever you have added as a user. If it’s an existing user click on the edit pencil and change the, “Role”.

Note: We anticipate adding the same custom levels & permissions functionality to HRIS by Q1’2018.

Broker Portal View
Broker Portal View

No Emails? No Problem


That’s right! You can launch Flock without email addresses. Many more ways to use and launch Flock with populations which, for one reason or another, don’t have an immediate email address. Additionally, both non-email and email addresses can be supported within the same group on Flock. Here are the ways you may want to use a non-email based login:

  • The employee population doesn’t have company provided emails
  • The employees don’t have (or don’t want to use/create) a personal email address
  • The employer will not require employees to ever login to Flock (Data management for HR)
  • The employee census information exists, but you want to offer a quick launch, with no current email addresses
  • Employees can login first time, then enter an email for the Flock system for future use

How to Set This Up:  A registration code can be provided by your broker. This can be system generated code or a simple custom code which you create (e.g HelloFlock2017). Employer HR Admin will distribute the registration code to the employee population. Once the employee enters the company registration code the employee will automatically be prompted to enter (all three) First name, last name, social security number and date of birth.

The data is always validated against their current profile and company registration code and if it matches they will be prompted to select a password only known to them and they will automatically login to Flock.

Note: Email reminders can’t be sent to employees without a valid email in their profile.


Wellness Credit or Spousal/Domestic Partner Surcharge

Is wellness part of your long term organizational strategy to help mitigate benefit claims and utilization? Are you charging a spousal/domestic partner surcharge when an employee enrolls a spouse/domestic partner who has the ability to enroll in other creditable coverage? If so, Flock can now support these change initiatives and promote or deter particular behaviors in your group benefit offerings.

Your trusted broker partner will create a yes/no question which is displayed to the employee during the enrollment flow. We will also display a custom description, plan document/flyer and the credit/surcharge being applied (if any). This is all captured and reported out separately in the payroll change report to indicate the reduction or additional co-share from the employee’s paycheck.

How to Set This Up: Brokers will need to login to the broker portal and select the client tile and simply click on the client name to enter the company creation flow. Then click on “Configurations” tab and follow the steps.

Wellness View
Wellness View
EE View of Wellness or Spousal Surcharge
EE View of Wellness or Spousal Surcharge

Company Logo

As an HR Administrator or Broker Partner you may want to use a company logo at times to help employees understand the product is directly related to the company. This logo will appear at the top left of the product and will also be included in all employee notifications.

How to Set This Up: HR Administrators/Brokers will need to be in Settings-> Company Info and top right, “Company Logo”. Click on, “Change Logo”. Clicking on, “Default Logo”


New Organizational Chart

Admin/EE View
Admin/EE View

Once enabled and each employee has an assigned manager within their profile, you can view a dynamic new organizational chart showing all the reporting relationships within your organization. We start from the top down and display one row of reports with the ability to expand or contract the display. The view will display the employee any other(s) whom report to them along with a contact email and phone number. You can also quickly see their assigned work location and hyperlink to their profile. One and done the Flock way.

Please note: This view will only be available to HR company administrators and if permissions are set for the broker partner who have HRIS access.  

How to Set This Up: HR Administrators/Brokers will need to be in Settings-> Security/Permissions and look in the Manager View Permissions section.  Simply click on the checkbox, “Organization Chart” and click on “Update”.

Admin Settings Page (Org Chart)
Admin Settings Page (Org Chart)

Voluntary Products and Qualified Life Events (QLE)

Our goal was to simplify an ever-changing and complicated process for both employees and employers and ensure it’s user friendly. Many voluntary carriers have differing and complicated rules when it comes to enrolling or making changes when a QLE occurs. Brokers can now determine if you wish to display a voluntary product to an employee when a QLE comes about. These are rare and your broker partner will advise on the best strategy based on the carrier rules. Now HR Administrators and employees can focus less on administration and more on the job at hand.

How to Set This Up: Brokers will need to login to the broker portal. For existing voluntary products, click on the edit pencil and, “Plan Detail” which will illustrate the checkbox on the bottom left of the page. For new products, you will follow the standard product build flow.

Broker Portal View
Broker Portal View

Forms, Forms, Forms

Most of our HR administrators and brokers are aware that Flock can capture employee benefits enrollment data and map that to a carrier form, even their digital signature(s). Flock can support any new/existing cases with forms if needed or required by a carrier. Most of the time a change or enrollment form is required by the carrier, if the size of the group is too small, or the carrier will not accept an EDI/API data feed from any benefits administration system. However, if your preference is managing carrier forms we leave that decision in your control.

Forms through Flock provide other unseen advantages: employees can’t skip a required carrier field, the text is legible for processing, brokers and/or HR administrators are automatically notified via email and within Flock along with reminders a form is pending and requires further actions. Finally, the forms can be downloaded into one ZIP file for processing directly with a carrier and automatically creates an audit trail for any discrepancies which arise.    

If requested, our Customer Support Team can quickly turn forms on/off from within the broker portal. This is helpful for new carrier cases until an EDI or API feed is created, tested and established. We have added new functionality to simplify the carrier form mapping from within Flock:

  • Several products can now be mapped to a single form (e.g. Medical & Dental are provided by the same carrier)
  • Any primary care provider (PCP) elected for a spouse and/or dependent(s) can now be directly mapped to the carrier form
  • If a waiver form is required, we can now support those during the new hire and open enrollment season

How to Set This Up: Brokers who have existing cases with one carrier providing multiple products should email to request the consolidated form support.

Note: Flock requires a minimum of 5 business days to map, test and assign the form to a client's case. Email for any form(s) request.


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