Product Release | 1.8.2018

Flock wants to wish you, your family and friends a new year filled with new hopes, new joy & new beginnings. Flock is excited to bring many new features in the Flock platform to assist our Human Resource administrators and broker partners across the country. Flock’s 2018 new year resolutions:

  • Continue to automate and digitize manual HR transactions
  • Simple and innovative new functionality/enhancements
  • Have fun along the way...happy new year!

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If you missed our last release on November 3, 2017, click here.

Offer The Same Voluntary Product Offering

On occasion, we find some voluntary carriers offer the same product(s) with slightly differing amounts of benefits/costs. These products can range from Critical Care, Hospital Gap, Life, AD&D and many others. For example, a company may have two voluntary accident plans with one offering $10k benefit for hospital admission, and the other offering a $5k benefit for hospital admission at a lower cost to the employee. We now can accommodate displaying both plans side by side, similar to how we display medical, dental, and vision. Employees will appreciate the flexibility and the simple side-by-side comparison during the enrollment process.

How to Set This Up: Your broker will work directly with the Flock team while building out these products in the proprietary broker portal.

Group Plans Forms Support

Flock already maps to forms in many categories when a carrier is unable to accept an EDI/API feed or in cases where the carrier requires it to establish new business for an employer.

We have received many requests to map data to carrier forms for Employer Paid Products. Although brokers can generate a CSV many times in these circumstances, we want to make life easier on all our partners in minimizing overall enrollment efforts and paper needs. Paper needs? How is Flock minimizing when mapping to a form? We simply map to employee’s election to the form and provide it to your broker in a ZIP file which they can pass to the carrier without ever needing to print the actual election. So when it comes to basic employer paid life insurance, AD&D or disability plans, easy peasy- the Flock way...  

Streamlining Benefits Enrollment (PT->FT)

We have enhanced and updated the overall eligibility group changes/benefits enrollment flow. When you need to change an employee’s status from part-time to a full-time, it typically enables them to enroll in company sponsored group benefit offerings.


Prior to this release, the employee could only change their elections when the future date rolled around. Now, your employee will receive a task to complete their benefits enrollment and they can accomplish this immediately, regardless of the date when the employment status actually changes.  

No fear for our company administrators, Flock will report out the actual effective dates based on the plan rules for each product as an electronic feed or a forms based change to a carrier.

New Pre-Defined HRIS Reports

We noted new pre-defined HR reports in our last release and now we have released a few from beta to be viewable by HR administrators and our broker partners. You can use our predefined parameters, edit them or add them to a custom report and schedule which day of the week Flock can remind you to run the specific report.

You can now quickly access the following new pre-defined HR reports:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)
  • Hires and Termination (New Data Points)
  • Employee Birthdays (New Data Points)
  • Turnover Reporting (New Data Points)

One and done the Flock way…


Overage Dependent Enhancements

As a result of the Affordable Care Act, dependents are allowed to remain on the major medical plans until age 26. Flock has always supported this effort and the ability to handle ACA reporting since its inception 3 years ago.

With the help of our customers, we discovered some carriers allow a dependent to remain on the major medical plan not only until age 26, but through the calendar year end (12/31) that  they turned age 26. The broker partner can now choose/edit this selection when building the plan which will then send the notifications to the affected employee showing when coverage ends and lessen the panic in these unique situations.  

If you need clarification for your specific plan offering rules, please reach out to your Broker Partner.

Editable Effective Dates

Most of our HR Administrators and Brokers are aware that Flock automatically captures employee benefits effective dates based on hire date along with the carrier/company plan rules. However, on occasion there are instances which arise and require a differing effective date. You now have the ability to edit these dates if the situation warrants it. Flock leaves that control in your hands to make the system easy to manage and avoid having to reach out to Flock’s support team for these types of minimal changes.

How to Use This Feature: Under the broker login, on the employee’s benefits summary page, there is an edit icon which allows the broker to edit the effective dates of each enrollee.

Better Offboard Tracking

We have simply added more options for our HR administrators to help expand and easily track the reasons to retire an employee from your organization. Regardless if it’s voluntary or involuntary, you now have a new “reason” category to choose from to better track the data and long-term turnover results. These categories can be easily reported for further analysis. Finally, if the standard reasons don’t fit your organization's term reasons, you have the ability to select, “Other” and type in a reason of your liking.

Broker Triggered Open Enrollment

As Benefits Advisors, you may be required to also start and manage the open enrollment period without the HR administrator approving the open enrollment. Flock now offers the ability to override having the HR administrator“approve” the open enrollment period. The system will also not send the HR an email, which is ideal if you as the broker would like to test the site thoroughly before reaching out to the HR administrator. Regardless of the role, Flock provides you the flexibility to please and assist clients when needed for any open enrollment period.


TraxPayroll support for W4 and Direct Deposit

Flock and several of our integrated payroll partners are always looking to pass data fields seamlessly to minimize the data burdens for our HR administrators. Flock and TraxPayroll now automatically pass new/changes for tax deduction and direct deposit fields. We are continuing to eliminate the Human Resource (HR) dual data entry challenges and eliminate the need for paper when completing everyday tasks. As an HR professional, you will also see much higher data integrity when employing these types of integrations between disparate systems. Flock is the single source of data for all your HR, Benefits and Compliance needs.

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