Product Release | 12.20.2016

In the spirit of the holidays, we've packaged up a few end of year surprises for all the good girls and boys. We wish you happy holidays and we look forward to sharing many more product development updates with you in the new year!


Support for PCP data collection for HMO plans
HMO plans can be activated to collect PCP information during the plan creation process in the Broker Portal. When an employee elects an HMO that is configured in the broker portal to collect PCP information, they will be prompted with a link to the PCP provider directory and also provide their elected providers name and ID. The employee can choose not to elect and default to the carrier-elected provider. This information can be captured as a report and can be easily reported out directly to the carrier and also mapped directly into the enrollment forms.


Support for voluntary LTD/STD rates
We are now adding another set of rate configuration options for our voluntary plans. The latest configuration options are geared towards typical voluntary LTD/STD rates. We can now elect the benefit amount based on a fixed % of an employee's salary (annual) which is pulled directly from the employee's profile. The beauty is that as you make compensation changes in Flock, you do not have to worry about updating the employees benefit. Another capability added it to give the ability to round to the nearest benefits amount. Note that existing voluntary STD/LTD plans would need to reconfigured to support the benefits amount and rate configuration.

Flexible benefits termination period
Brokers can now customize their client's benefits end waiting period policy. Brokers can elect a policy to term benefits as early the date of offboarding or 60 days post offboarding. The benefit end date no longer needs to adjusted for carrier reporting and the employee is well-aware when his/her benefits are set to expire.

Over-age dependent auto-term and age flexibility
Over-age dependents now get auto-termed so that the employer or broker doesn't have to remember follow up every time Flock sent a reminder 180/90/30 days prior to becoming ineligible. Why have the employee do it when Flock can do it automatically for you? The employee and company admins are all notified when this does occur.

In addition, we provide more flexibility on the dependent over-age non-eligibility to cater the different carrier and state requirements. This is configured on a per plan basis to provide maximum flexibility. We also understand that some states also have additional requirements for full-time student dependents so we have provisions to support that too. How about that for flexibility! Note that the over-age limit defaults to 26 years of age.

Court ordered dependent support
There are times when the courts may require/qualify an employee to cover an individual who may not be their Spouse or Child. Employees, employers and brokers can add them as a dependent for the employees benefits coverage as a new hire, through a mid-year life event or during open enrollment.

Support for custom disclaimer text for voluntary plans
We understand that some voluntary carriers would like their own disclaimers added when presenting the plan to employees. You can now customize this text. Be sure to use the "Test your Flock" to see what the employees will see before going live.

QA before going live is very important
As we continue to strive towards reducing the QA time needed before going live with the client, we have added a few more validations to prevent any misconfiguration in the broker portal. Whether you created duplicate plans, put invalid dates, forgot to add a passive plan mapping or forgot to add a product, we will inform you of any possible misconfigurations.

Reporting improvements

  • Benefits change report now selects only the plans that cater to the specific employer. We also made the report generation much faster.
  • More automated scheduled reports such as the payroll change report, current elections and cost reports.
  • Build your own customized report using any combination of fields that Flock collects on enrollees. You can do it as a point in time or between any two dates in the past. This is currently in beta and we value your feedback on how we can make this better.
  • Flock doesn’t store COBRA election information. However, our COBRA change reports which has information that’s widely accepted by several COBRA vendors also captures additional details such as termination reason and the type of event that triggered the COBRA change event.  
  • Added basic group plan (LTD/STD/Basic Life) information to the reports to help with self-billing.  


Added Employer notification
We have added email notifications to the company admins whenever an employee changes their direct deposit, W4 allocation, or address information. Get ahead of these changes rather wait for the periodic reports.

Assign by for I9/W4 forms
Choose another employee to verify I9's. No more reassigning task in case the employee verification is done by your colleague.

Enhanced compensation and offer letter coverage
We have added additional bonus/compensation related fields to employees profile and the offer letters to provide more flexibility in using Flock for these HR functions and also have better reporting.


Searchable task list
This has become a common feature request as Flock users continue to use this functionality quite extensively.

DOB calendar flexibility
The DOB is a trusted key component for carrier data and was restricted to using the calendar only. Now you can use our existing calendar or simply type it in and our auto-formatting will guide you along the way. You asked, we delivered.

Additional International employee support
We understand that employers have teams across the globe and employee personal information doesn't typically follow the United States conventions. Now employers have more flexibility with storing phone no, address and SSN/Government ID within Flock while ensuring that the strict carrier validations are still enforced for the US employees.

Calendar feed for Google calendar
You can now integrate the Flock calendar into your google calendar or any other calendar that supports the RSS feed. Enjoy the benefits of seeing your colleagues' time-off, anniversary and birthday information all in one calendar.

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