Product Release | 7.13.2016

Our Engineering team has been hard at work improving Flock's functionality based on customer needs and broker partner feedback. General areas of improvement include enhanced functionality for company administrators, brokers and employees—the end users. Further details on each of these areas are below.

Performance Improvements/Enhancements (Broker Partners)

Enhanced Open Enrollment Process Flow

This added functionality allows employees hired close to or during an actual open enrollment period to enroll in the current benefit offerings and the future open enrollment benefit offerings, all within the benefits tab. Gone are the days of having the employee go into a system several times to enroll and trying to coordinate the timing and extra paperwork with many different carriers.


Broker Portal- Rollover Automation

You simply enter the plan start and end dates and Flock does the rest. Once the designated open enrollment period ends, the plans will automatically roll-over for employees to view in their benefits summary page. No worries if the products have different start and ends dates. Flock will manage each product independently and roll them over automatically. Old plans or new plans, employees will always be viewing the correct plan.

Broker Portal- Administration Access to HRIS

Many of our broker partners now offer a consultative business partner approach to our mutual clients. In doing so, you need direct access to administer all the same functions as a company administrator. You now have access to these capabilities in both modules, benefits administration and the entire HRIS module. The company administrator will simply provide you HR administrator access in the settings page. This is similar to the current abilities for you to enroll their employees in benefits or even change an employee's benefits eligibility group. The best part of this new functionality is having the ability to access all the HR client needs. Flock excludes you from the client reporting, so it's accurate and doesn't count you as a company administrator or part of any headcount.

Broker Portal- Test Mode

This newly-added quality assurance functionality allows you and your client to easily view the employee benefits enrollment process and see the cost arrangement between the client and each employee. This sandbox environment allows you to see the outcome of real time changes to existing employee elections without actually changing it on the production side of Flock. Once you and the client are ready to launch, our Implementations Team will launch invites to every eligible employee.

Broker Portal- Reporting Enhancements

We are continually looking for ways to simplify reporting and make life easier for our mutual clients and broker partners. We have streamlined product offering fields and we added a legend and more user friendly headers to our Benefits ChangeReport, Payroll Change Report, Open Enrollment and Cost Reporting.

Performance Improvements/Enhancements (Company Administrators/EE's)


Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) Support

You can now offer a qualified, high deductible healthcare plan (HDHP) to your employees and highlight the monthly contribution (if any) the company is providing. Additionally, Flock will capture any additional monthly contribution elected by the employee and report out this information through our robust reporting features. This simplified enrollment process helps drive further adoption and participation in a HDHP, which can lower the overall healthcare spending for our clients (bend the inflationary trend). Once the employee enrolls, they will receive an email including a welcome kit from the provider. This will further explain the product and guide the employee to register online. We saved the best for last: each employee will have an account created for them, which means no more chasing around employees to gather routing and account numbers!

Employee Data Migration

As you know from the last product release notes, when an employee completes their I-9, W-4 and/or Offer Letters they are now automatically stored within the employee's profile "Document" tab. As a valued partner of Flock, we are also migrating any of these forms which were completed prior to this new functionality automatically for you to each employee's profile "Document" tab.

FSA Healthcare Account- (Limited)

A FSA Healthcare Account which is a limited version can be difficult to explain and confusing for both the employees and company administrators. These types of FSA accounts allow for your employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for qualified dental and vision care expenses. As an employer, you save in reducing the company tax liabilities by not having to match those FICA dollars that are deferred by the employees.  This new functionality allows for employees to choose a qualified HDHP and Flock will automatically (if you offer it) replace the regular FSA HealthCare Account with a Limited version. Simplifying the process for your employees and eliminating the confusion and reporting issues to FSA vendors.

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plans

We already offer many different types of Voluntary products on Flock and now we have added added AD&D as another option for company administrators. This allows our company administrators and broker partners even more options on the benefits menu. We currently capture the employee Voluntary elections and in the not to distant future, we will be incorporating dynamic ratings, cost structures and more enhanced underwriting capabilities.

Payroll - Direct Deposit Support

Are you interested in syncing your payroll system with Flock and having only one data entry point? If so, we currently integrate with Trax Payroll and ADP's WorkforceNow pay systems. The direct deposit support allows your employees to update their payroll information 24/7, which can be pushed regularly to payroll vendors or accessed from Flock's weekly payroll change report.


Employee Uploads- Profile

With ever-changing compliance needs and documentation issues, you can now send any attachment to one or all employees via a Flock task and forget it. The task will contain your instructions that allow the employee to complete the form, save it and then upload it to their individual profile. As a company administrator, you are notified by Flock via email that an employee has uploaded a document. We let you know which employee, file name and a quick link to access the new upload. These are easily identifiable as they remain in a category called "Employee Upload". You can quickly change the file name if you wish and then save it to a category based on your preference. The last step is permissions: do you want to keep this data stored for your eyes only or make it viewable for the employee and their manager? With Flock, the choice is in your hands.


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