Product Release Updates | 05.11.20

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all witnessed a sea change in the way we live and work. At Flock, we want to do our best in helping you navigate the new challenges you may be facing. Over the past several weeks, we have made processing special benefit enrollments due to current market conditions simpler and made COVID-19 related emergency time-off easier to track and manage. We’ve introduced a payroll API integration with Paychex, as well as several other significant payroll integration updates for our existing partners. We have also made some major additions to our voluntary product offerings.


  • Benefits Administration: ‘Special Enrollment’ Support

Due to current market conditions, we have received multiple requests to have Open Enrollment dates pushed out, and special enrollment exceptions are now being allowed by our insurance carrier partners. Because of this, employees can now submit a “Special Enrollment” Life Event that acts as an Open Enrollment, complete with a qualifying reason and document (if required). These changes will register like any other life event in the carrier and payroll systems (if an integration is live). Note that employees will be given this option only if your account is configured for Life Events to require admin approval.

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Compliance
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In accordance with the new FFCRA rules that took effect on April 2nd, Flock has made our Time-Off module available for free forever to all users that sign up before 12/31/20. We’ve also added additional enhancements to the Time-off module to better manage emergency time-off requests for FFCRA compliance.


With Flock’s payroll APIs, you can pull employee demographic information from our payroll partner systems and update any benefit deduction changes. Keep track of the updates made by the integration and any pending changes that need admin intervention with Flock Payroll notifications dashboard.

  • Paychex Integration

We added Paychex to our list of major payroll integration partners. Like our other payroll integrations, this API connectivity helps in reducing manual keystrokes by pulling new hire information from Paychex into Flock and keeping the payroll system up-to-date on the benefits deductions based on employee coverage changes.

  • Paylocity Enhancements

Flock’s Paylocity integration has been updated from a file-based to API integration. This allows for quicker updates and better visibility into the changes applied as well as the differences between the systems in case an administrative review is needed.

  • ADP WorkforceNow (WFN) Enhancements

Flock’s ADP WorforceNow integration now has an admin interface that allows users to customize the employee onboarding and offboarding experience. The introduction of the notification dashboard will allow the admin to monitor the change history and any pending changes between the two systems. Finally, a daily demographic data sync from WorkforceNow to ensure Flock has all the latest employee changes.

  • API enhancements

As part of our continued commitment to simplify connecting Flock with other platforms, we have made several additions to our APIs. The new APIs help track deduction changes over a specified date range, which makes it easier to keep ongoing deduction information in sync, especially for our large groups. We have also supplemented our API with granular deduction changes as well as enhancements for employee terminations and re-hires.


  • Stacked Plans

We are excited to introduce Stacked Plan enrollment support in this release. Several carrier partners like Transamerica, Banker’s Fidelity, and more provide popular Whole Life/Universal Life products that allow employees to buy-up additional coverage while maintaining their original coverage at the original issue age.

  • Extensive Issue Age Support

Flock’s Issue Age plan support is now extended to all supplemental configurations to cover any age-based ancillary products. In addition, there is added flexibility to determine how the plan is re-issued when coverage is changed.

  • Additional Plan Categories Support

With the variety of supplemental coverage options, we have extended the number of miscellaneous categories to add any new coverage. With 8 ‘other’ miscellaneous categories in addition to the dozen or so popular categories already supported.


  • Billing Reconciliation Enhancements: Several enhancements to the report for easier reconciliation and troubleshooting
  • YoY Turnover Report: We have supplemented our turnover report to extend out multiple years to identify longer trends

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