product Update | 10.13.2016


From goofy to ghoulish our improvements may not cause a scare, but will certainly make you more Flock aware. Cauldrons and broomsticks take shape in the night, making your Halloween full of fun and of fright, don’t cross any witches or fall under their spell, and your Halloween night will go perfectly well!

So with Halloween around the corner we thought it a good time to release another scary good product update. No tricks, just more automated features, more visibility to your benefits plans, and more configuration options. Treat yourself and your clients to a simple all-in-one HR/BenAdmin platform that won't creep you out!

Hire and forget it

This added functionality allows our company administrators and broker partners to hire an employee within Flock and the customized "On-boarding tasks" are not only assigned to each new hire, but if the new hire fails to complete an assigned task, Flock automatically reminds them to complete the tasks two days after their hire date and every Tuesday and Thursday until all the assigned tasks have been completed. Let Flock be your new hire babysitter without an hourly rate.

Offer benefits & forget about it too


This enhanced feature will also allow you to focus on the important business at hand. When an eligible employee is hired within Flock they are offered enrollment in the company sponsored benefit offerings. For those employees eligible to enroll and for whatever reason don't enroll or waive, Flock sends reminders directly to employees that time is running out to enroll. We remind your team member to enroll 14 days, 7 days and 3 days out from when the enrollment period is set to expire.  

Blended co-share arrangement between Employer & Employees

This approach allows for our broker partners to quickly indicate if the percentage of an employer contribution is based off a typical four-tier arrangement or an overall blended percentage by tier. At times, we see this is an easier approach to communicating an overall percentage of benefits cost coverage to the employees and continuing to show the value the employer provides in offering company sponsored group benefits. Life Event(s) and Waiver Form(s) support: This new functionality allows for Flock to automatically map more information to fields generally found within some Life Event situations and Waiver Form needs. During the build of an EDI or absence of an EDI feed, forms are a great substitute to minimize the work load since they are legible (no scrubbing), mandatory fields are completed and digital signatures are captured and displayed.

Forms for many more dependents

Flock can support more than the typical 1.8 dependents. You don't ever have to worry about the situation where an employee has more dependents than space on a carrier form. If the number of dependents ever exceed the form fields, Flock emails our broker partners to include all the extra dependents to simply add theses extra individuals to the submitted carrier forms as an additional page. No one ever gets missed.

Employee benefit selection & eligibility group

Allows for company admins and broker partners to simply click on the "Benefits" tab to view any employee's elections. Once selected, the benefit elections (if any) will be displayed. Additionally, if an employee needs an eligibility group change, you simply select the new eligibility group and new effective start date. On last thing, Flock will automatically map all plans to the new eligibility group and identify any which require a change. You simply use the drop down list to select the new plans. If the employee is eligible, we will also remind you and the employee to create a life event and select a new FSA amount (if applicable).

Printable benefits plan summary

Employees and company administrators can view their benefits summary page 24/7 and can now print that page on demand in a PDF format.

Rate pass or same plan offering(s)

This is a new & exciting change and a great way to save time for Flock launches and our broker partners. You can now clone a carrier plan offering from one year to the next open enrollment period without having to literally rebuild the overall plan design. Once cloned, you need to perform three simple steps:  1. Update plan start and end dates  2. Update any premium plan changes  3. Confirm the correct eligibility groups and launch the case.

Flock & ADP integration updates

How many passwords do you manage now? Let Flock and ADP reduce that count by one. You can now log into Flock or ADP platforms by using the same username and password credentials for either system. Seamless single sign-on access between the two systems for additional ease of use. Get a high level view of the advantages of connecting these power platforms together.

Flock on!

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