product Update | 8.11.2016

Thank you to our valued partners, administrators and end users.  Your feedback continues to help us in our quest to make Flock the most versatile HR/BenAdmin tool available. We are excited to release our latest product improvements that include enhanced functionality for company administrators, brokers and employees. Further details on each of these areas are below.

Performance Improvements/Enhancements (Broker Partners)

Section 125 Transit/Parking
This enhanced feature quickly & seamlessly allows for you to include this employee valued Flexible Spending Account (FSA) benefit to be included in any Open Enrollment.  Employees can continue to change this benefit election outside of Open Enrollment based on the employer plan design. Now employees will see the FSA benefit "front & center" during any Open Enrollment period. This is a real win/win- for both employees and the employer - saving money along the way while reducing their overall tax liability.

Data Validation
Flock will now gather all the required carrier information to enroll in company sponsored group health plans under a qualified life event (QLE). If the employee never enrolled prior to a QLE, rest assured, Flock has created a simple process to ensure each eligible employee, spouse and/or dependent can easily enroll and all required data fields are collected for each health & welfare product you are offering your Flock.

Testing Your Flock
What if the carrier provided an incorrect rate sheet or summary of benefits coverage prior to an open enrollment launch? No worries, our new functionality allows company administrators and broker partners to test all carrier monthly premiums and co-share premium calculations (composite, age rated, community adjusted, buy-ups/buy-downs). You can run or create standard test cases and any discrepancies can be addressed prior to ever inviting employees to the Flock system. Now that's a smarter build!

Performance Improvements/Enhancements (Company Administrators/EE's)

Employee Change History
As a company administrator you no longer need to run a report to see employee profile change history. Simply click on the employee's profile and on the left-hand side navigation bar choose, "Change History" to view any changes in chronological order. Keeping it simple yet powerful!

Employee Engagement
Under most major medical plan designs, dependent children are "aged out" of the medical insurance coverage after they obtain the age of 26 years. Flock wants to ensure clear communication and will automatically notify the company administrator and employee via the Flock tasking system and email, that a dependent may be "aged out" under the carrier plan rules 30, 60, 90 days prior to it occurring. With no surprises, employees will have time to explore other alternative health plan options for their family members. As a reminder, Flock does support identifying dependent(s) whom are disabled and may be eligible to remain on the company sponsored health plans past age 26.

Applicant Tracking System Integration
We are excited to be partnering with Greenhouse (, a robust recruiting platform which is now integrated for immediate use in the Flock system. This partner will help you find, track and vet out the best birds for your own Flock. Greenhouse and Flock create a paperless and better organized environment from the candidate to hire work flow(s) and the best part, eliminate that data entry! Recruiting well can be a strategic advantage and if you would like to turn on this integration or need more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us @:

Broker Portal Improvements
We have provided a new tab for expired health & welfare plans of the days long gone.... Broker partners will be able to simply see which plans are currently in-force and which plans they may need to refer to from prior enrollments or plan years.

Background Check Integration
We are proud to be partnering with Checkr (, who provide background check investigation and reporting for more than 3,000 companies across the country. Checkr and Flock create a paperless and better organized hiring process and the best part, eliminate that data entry and multiple steps for each candidate. If you would like to turn on this service or need more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us @:

Integration information from Checkr
Integration information from Checkr

Reporting Enhancements
Our many robust reporting feature underwent a significant makeover to provide an easier format for our company administrators and broker partners. These reports include: Open Enrollment, Payroll Changes, Benefit Changes and Cost Reporting. Voluntary product deductions are now captured in the payroll report which can be run 24/7 based on a defined date range.

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