Product Update | 9.15.2016

Now with more flavor...

Our engineering wizards have just completed another round of tasty usability features and product improvements. There's a little something for everyone... administrators, brokers and employees. Find the details below. Also, look for series of 15-minute webinars over the next few weeks where we will illustrate all of these new features as well as Q&A on using Flock to it's full-advantage.

Performance Improvements/Enhancements (Broker Partners)

New Advanced Voluntary Plan(s) Support: We recognize how important voluntary offerings have become to our Client's employees. This newly added functionality allows for each employee to see their actual cost (per pay-period) associated with supported voluntary product(s) being offered by company administrators.

The Broker portal can now support and illustrate the rates for the employee, spouse and eligible dependents. Whether they are composite rated, age banded or an actual percentage of an employee election. Additionally, this new functionality will display the selected voluntary product cost in both the benefits summary page for each employee and the weekly payroll change report, and that's not all... Flock is now showing employees the pending EOI amounts (if they choose above GI) and the ability for both both Company Admin's and Broker Partners to approve the EOI amount and effective date once approved by the carrier. The new amount and the new per-pay-period deduction will appear in the weekly payroll change report.

Viewing an Employee Benefits Elections & Eligibility Group Assignment: Eligibility groups are the key factor in ensuring employees and their dependents see and enroll in the correct company provided group benefit offerings. In many instances, you and/or the Company Admin may need to adjust an employee's eligibility group. This is now an easy & seamless process, you simply select the employee, once the change is made (drop down choices), Flock will automatically indicate which benefit plans (if any) need to be mapped to any new plans (medical,dental,vision) and a reminder appears to allow the EE (when necessary) to create a life event to adjust FSA or HSA elections. To make it Flockable, we put more control into your hands and in real-time.

Broker Partner Email Notifications: Any time your Client's eligible employee enrolls in the company sponsored benefits coverage and/or initiates a life event, you will be notified via email. You have the ability to turn these emails on/off from within the broker portal. As a reminder, Company Admin's already receive an email notification whenever an employee enrolls in the company offered benefit plans and/or life events.  

Reporting Automated & Simplified: We know your time is important and we take to heart your feedback to make our reporting more efficient! You now have the ability to generate standard Flock reports (current and changes) only for the products you want for by each Client. These reports will now allow you to get through any changes very quickly and clearly show only the products being offered without any of the extra columns. Now you can also create a schedule as to when you want to run a benefits change report and receive an email reminder. Now that's a better build!

Performance Improvements/Enhancements (Company Administrators/EE's)

ADP WorkforceNow Integration: We are excited to be partnering with ADP Workforce Now. With Flock and ADP you now have the ability to create one point of entry for moving data safely and securely between your payroll provider and Flock as the system of record. Watch this quick video to see the competitive advantage this integration creates by freeing up time to focus on your business initiatives! There are some pass though integration fees which we can discuss with you and your trusted advisor/broker. If you have any questions please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us:

On-Boarding Enhancements: We are always looking for ways to create better, easier and more user friendly experience for every employee you invite into the Flock System. With this in mind, we have enhanced the on-boarding experience by creating simple easy to understand labeling which guides the employee in completing your custom on-boarding cadence.

Request Time Off for Your Employees (when needed): If you happen to have remote EE's or an environment where you need to assist employees in making a time-off request you can now do so within Flock. Now you can simply eliminate the paper and approval process by requesting the time-off on behalf of an employee when needed, even if they are not able to access Flock. Eliminating paper while building a better Central-System-of-Record.

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