Product Update - May 25,2016



You now have the ability to re-assign tasks to another employee. Let’s say if someone is out of the office or you want the employee’s manager to complete the task, now it’s all possible. This can be really useful for I-9 completions, or setting up accounts in Salesforce, Payroll, etc.  

Settings & Permissions

As the ‘company admin’, you can now control if you want managers to view their organization. Furthermore, you can also control the type of information that a manager can see. Let’s suppose you want managers to view everything but not the compensation information, you now can do that by simply deselection a checkbox.

Change History (beta)

As you know, we currently display demographic and benefits change history in one flow. But we heard your feedback on having detailed change history and our Engineering Flock has released this in beta-mode (available for internal testing) right now. If you would like to see this functionality, we can enable it on your account – just ask!  



We already had support for medical, dental, and vision, but now we can add Health Care & Dependent Care FSA in the payroll report for both life-events and open-enrollment or new-hires.  

Forms Support

Flock now supports any type of enrollment form, for any type of enrollment. This is a bit behind the scenes capability, but there is no other software solution that support all types of forms. So now, your employees can complete everything in Flock and no paper!

Broker Support

If you would like to provide your Broker with the ability to enroll employees in plans (both current year or open enrollment) – you can now do this. You can do this in the Settings & Permissions section, but if you forward us an email approving this, we can also do this for you. It can be a huge time saver to make those quick adjustments and changes!

If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. We look forward to hearing from you!


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