Simplifying Benefits Enrollment Using Hr Technology

Embracing HR technology can help you simplify benefits enrollment processes.

Annual benefits enrollment for small and medium-sized businesses is much more than a task to check off. It's a vital opportunity for employers to help their employees make important, informed decisions that could have life-long consequences.

However, very few of us would call the open enrollment process "fun." According to a recent benefits communication survey of over 2,000 adults by Harris Poll for Jellyvision, nearly 50 percent of employees find making decisions about benefits very stressful. And open enrollment doesn't only cause angst among employees. Those two little words can make even the most experienced employers break into a sweat, too.

Open enrollment can be a challenging process, especially for smaller businesses concerned about their bottom line and staff retention, but it doesn't have to be. With preparation, clear communication and a carefully tailored approach, open enrollment is manageable and gives business leaders a chance to shine.


With Flock's HR and Benefits Administration, open enrollment and every step of the benefits management process is automated, eliminating the need for paper-based processes and improving efficiency and accuracy.

Flock's benefits administration platform helps you lower the overall cost of benefits enrollment by eliminating the costs of distributing and collecting paper enrollment packets, shortens the enrollment cycle and enables employees to self-enroll in benefit programs, review their benefits data and report life event changes.

Employees can also choose plans based on eligibility criteria and can compare costs and coverage of previous elections against new offerings. Some additional advantages include the following:

  • Benefit elections can be automatically applied to employee records.
  • Employees can easily view and update their records and plans in Flock's benefits admin portal.
  • HR Admins can check enrollment status in real time and can generate detailed reports regarding the cost of employee benefits.

Early & often benefits communication to employees is key!

In most cases, employees will enroll or re-enroll in your benefit plan offerings during the open enrollment period set by you and your trusted broker. Employees always need to be reminded each year, unless they incur a qualified life event, they will not be able to change their mind and sign up for coverage in the middle of the plan year.

It’s critical for each employee and any of their eligible family members to understand all of their options for the coming year during your designated open enrollment timeframe. The Flock platform typically completes enrollments within a few weeks or less. How? It’s simple, employees have access 24/7 to the benefits enrollment wizard and a host of reference materials to help them in making selections.

Benefits Communication_1.png

We always suggest you start the open enrollment communication process as early as possible (right after final decisions with your broker) and consider how to brand the overall offerings and value in particular ways that will effectively appeal to your audience. (Millennials, gen x, gen y etc.). Your trusted broker can assist you in considering and implementing many different mediums to best communicate open enrollment to your most valued HR clients- employees. Flock allows you to broadcast messages with a single click and it automatically posts your messages not only the employee’s activity page but also directly in each employee’s email and the best part, it’s done in real time.

“HRIS & Benefits technology is elevating the role of HR administrators and managers, streamlining mundane activities, enabling them to be more productive thereby allowing them to dedicate more time to strategic and planning activities. Untapped talent and human capabilities are constrained by spending time doing things that computers can do better.”

— Chirag Bhatt, Co-Founder & CTO, Flock

Furthermore, brokers who use Flock as their enrollment platform will also be able to offer up proven methods, guidelines, templates and additional communication strategies along with suggesting webinars, videos, blog posts, social media reminders and a few in-person meetings. Remember, no matter how great the plan offerings are compared to your competitors, if you don’t communicate them effectively, they become worthless and don’t further your overall business objectives of providing a competitive benefits program.

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