Struggling To Balance Life And Work Here Are 5 Tips To Help

Like your ever-growing to-do list or getting that last piece of your favorite pie at the company party, striking the ideal balance of life and work can be elusive. It can be even more elusive when you stop thinking of the concept for yourself and begin thinking about how you can implement best practices in the office to offer the same for employees.

While it may seem difficult to accomplish this, it isn’t impossible.

In fact, with just 5 tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a workplace that is just as much about work as it is about personal care and attention.

1. Survey Employees to Gauge Current Balance

It’s all but impossible to know where to begin with promoting an ideal work/life balance if you don’t first know how employees currently feel. After all, you may have already created an ideal workplace environment, though there are often still improvements to be made.

Create a survey and ask your employees about relevant factors that could affect their ability to balance life and work. This can include everything from their hours to scheduling and the support you provide for those with unique or special needs.

A survey like this will identify trends between employees and specify which areas need the most attention. Then, you can address the issues in order of importance and offer attractive solutions for common problems.

2. Monitor Employees for Common Signs of a Poor Work/Life Balance

There are telltale signs that an employee is struggling to balance their work with the other demands on their life. While physical exhaustion is an obvious one, others include errors in work or unplanned absences from the office.

Should you spot an employee who is struggling, you should educate them about the importance of a work/life balance and offer them time off, even if only a day. Doing so is a simple way to show employees you care while maintaining a positive, supportive work environment as well.

3. Offer Flexible Workplace Options When Possible

Do employees need to be at the office the same, set amount of time every day? Or, do they need to be in the office at all? Giving employees the chance to allocate their required hours on different days each week or telecommute on others is a great way to build additional flexibility into schedules without compromising on the quality or quantity of work being produced.

Employees are likely to be more satisfied with diverse scheduling options as well, giving them all the motivation they need to remain with your company.

4. Integrate Home and Work

Drawing positive connections between the workplace and home life is integral to employee happiness. As such, events like “Bring a Child to Work Day” or others can give employees something to get excited about.

The best part is that it’s much easier to get to know your employees in this way. In fact, it brings a more personal dimension to the workplace and gives everyone a chance to get familiar with one another and form connections. And, as you already know, well-connected and engaged employees are the best employees to have.

5. Support Health-Related Initiatives in the Office

Physical, emotional, and mental health are all important dimensions of any employee (or on a more basic level, individual). But instead of relying on employees to maintain all aspects of their health on their own, you should bring health-related initiatives to the office!

For example, many employers now offer health club memberships (or discounts) for employees. Others have sports teams or groups that meet for yoga or other classes either inside or outside the workplace. Poll employees to gauge interest and form initiatives they want to participate in. Then, create groups for each and you’re well on your way to offering the support employees thrive on.

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  • Social Networking - Communication is key in understanding what employees need and expect. Flock has social networking built in to make talking to each other a breeze.
  • Time Off Tracking - All employees deserve time off. Track it easily with Flock’s HR analytics and time tracking tools.

Needless to say, Flock makes it simpler to promote a life balance that works for your employees. The best part is that it’s free, making it all the more attractive to your brand and your continued success.

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What are your thoughts: What steps have you taken before to encourage a positive work/life balance in your office? Has it paid off? What challenges have you encountered? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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