Tech Or Treat? See How We Celebrated A Flocktastic Halloween!

We hope you all had a scary and sugar-overdosed Halloween!

Traditions like these are important in companies just as they are in families. And, Halloween is one of the best days to celebrate at work. It is a chance to build teamwork and encourage positive morale among employees.

Our version of the Frankenstein

It’s that time of the year when work seems to be more fun, treats and stories about your night plans are shared with your co-workers, and costume contests are played!

Let’s sneak peak into how we celebrated Halloween 2017.

We had our office Halloweened the day before! We planned to ditch our regular clothes and come dressed in a costume of our choice for Halloween.

For us, the day was a mixture of fun, work and a whole lot of food!

     Celebrating Halloween at Flock!
Halloween Costume Poll on the Flock App

We conducted a Poll on our Flock app to see who won the costume contest!

One of our flockers, Brian Conner snagged the best costume of the day award by showing up as a delicious Pepperoni Pizza (because nothing can beat a Pizza right?)!

We also spotted a rustic cowboy, a zookeeper, an alps skier, a pretty belle and a meseek at the party!

Moving onto the best part of the day, the Halloween Luncheon!

All the teammates brought in a variety of food starting right from pizzas and pastas to salads and K.F.C to mouthwatering chocolate cakes and scones. It was simply a treat to our taste buds and the desserts gave us a sugar rush!

Halloween  Potluck lunch at Flock

Our halloween, not surprisingly, was full of food! And we hope you had fun this halloween, too.
But we also want to hear from you: How did your company get into the Halloween spirit? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to include photos of your festivities -- we want to see those costumes! :)

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