The 3 Top Problems With Health Insurance Brokers (And How To Make Sure You Aren't Causing Them)

As a commercial insurance broker, you’re supposed to be an asset for your clients, not a liability (or headache, for that matter). And if you ever hope to build a robust book of business, you better be solving problems rather than creating them.

All too often, healthcare brokers (possibly yourself included), cause problems for HR professionals and C-Suite executives without realizing it. Unfortunately, your clients won’t always vocalize these problems and as such, every day that passes is another day closer to losing your most valuable accounts.

Luckily, you don’t have to let that happen. Instead, you can make yourself aware of the top problems with brokers to ensure you aren’t causing any of them (or, if you are, can learn how to fix them!).

Let the self-evaluation begin!

Problem #1: You’re Confusing Your Clients About the Changing Healthcare Landscape

Between compliance with the ever-changing Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other frequent hassles, clients feel the stress and time-consuming burden caused by confusion. After all, they’re busy running their business; they shouldn’t have to be monitoring every minor change regarding the ACA as well!

As their broker, it’s your job to explain the relevant changes in the ACA to your clients. Better yet, you can use a system like Flock so your clients know that their business is always in compliance with State and Federal law. The beauty of this is the reassurance clients need to know they aren’t at risk for the costly fines noncompliance can cost (and to boot, you’re the one responsible for their guaranteed compliance).

Problem #2: You Aren’t Providing Cost-Effective Solutions to Clients

Every executive wants to provide the best possible coverage to full-time or equivalent employees. This isn’t only because they want to remain compliant, either! In fact, 71 percent of employees remain loyal to their employers because of the benefits they’re offered.

At the same time, it’s important to reconcile costs with an attractive benefits package. As a broker, it’s your job to find the most cost-effective solution possible that still encourages employee loyalty and job satisfaction. This means you must take the time to learn the unique challenges and financial constraints of a business before offering solutions.

Problem #3: You Aren’t Using Technology to Simplify the Process

Are you still relying on a fax machine or a website that looks like it landed straight out of the 1990s? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’re making processes painful when you should be driving innovation.

As a health insurance broker, it’s your job to find new technologies your clients can use to access their benefits, manage employee data, and otherwise simplify inefficient or tedious, outdated processes. Flock does this too with its cutting-edge platform that allows for 24/7 access to employee data, onboarding processes, broker managed benefits, and guarantee compliance.

Whether You’ve Caused Problems or Not, It’s Time for Flock

Regardless of whether you’ve caused one (or more) of these problems in the past, it’s time to give your clients what they want (i.e. Flock). Flock is the free HR management software that creates a knowledge base of employee data while promoting engagement, reinforces client relationships, and paperless processes.

Ready to take the next step? Schedule a Flock demo today to see our software. (Spoiler alert: Prepare to be amazed. It’s only a matter of time until your clients are as well.)

Ask yourself this: Do you believe you’ve been causing one of these problems for clients? Do you think an HR software for your small- or mid-sized business could help? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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