The Best Way To Promote A Work Life Balance? Try Performance Evaluations!

Many employees are busy, working parents. As such, benefits like flexible scheduling, family leave, and child care options are all important to maintain a proper balance between personal and professional lives. But is that all there is to the topic?

Absolutely not. In fact, the best tool employees have to help promote a work life balance is something they may not consider a tool at all: performance evaluations.

So, how does a performance evaluation - at least one that’s executed properly - contribute to a healthy sense of work life balance in your workplace? We’re discussing that and more below!

Performance Evaluations are Typically Dreaded by Management and Employees Alike…

...and for good reason! After all, traditional performance appraisals rarely fulfill their purpose by improving employee efficacy and productivity in the workplace. Few are accurate due to biases in evaluation, depending on who is doing the evaluating and other effects that tend to sneak their way into the evaluations (i.e. similarity, gender, race, etc.).

Managers tend to dislike performance evaluations because they’re subjective, infrequent, and time-consuming. But if your performance evaluations were serving a greater purpose, specifically one that engaged employees and kept them happy and healthy, wouldn’t you place a greater value on them?

We think the answer is yes.

When Managers Actually Evaluate Performance, Employees Benefit

Rather than treating performance evaluations as a waste of time or nothing more than a tedious necessity, you should value the process as integral in helping employees balance work and life.

Consider this: When managers provide an accurate assessment not regarding “time on task” but rather key performance metrics that directly impact the success of a company, employees benefit. By understanding where they excel and where they fall short, employees can rearrange their time at work to prioritize what matters most. And, when compared with performance evaluations that do little more than just waste time, it’s clear to see why this approach is superior.

Freedom, Flexibility, and Flock: The Core of Healthy Work Life Balance

When you have a system in place that offers employees freedom and flexibility in arranging their work day, you’ll reinforce the benefits of a work life balance. More importantly, you can define performance as it matters most and drive results for your clients and organization as a whole.

With Flock, you can amp up results even further! In fact, with social networking, centralized employee data, and 24/7 benefits access, keeping your workplace organized, efficient, and on task has never been simpler. Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Sign up today to begin realizing the benefits of Flock for yourself!

We want to hear from you: Have you ever considered performance appraisals as an opportunity to promote a greater work life balance? Will you do so from now on? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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